Matteo Guendouzi (29)


Guendouzi is a youngster but he was probably our motm today.


Haha…it’s like a keeper making many good saves but let the vital ones in. Let the rest of them be optimistic and happy about him. We don’t have much to cheer about right now.


If our MOTM led to the 1st goal and should have led to our 2nd it shows what a sad state of affairs it is haha.


First goal was his fault?


Pretty much, he’s extremely raw and it showed today.

Showed good work rate in pursuit of the ball but it’s clear his fundamentals need alot of work.

I wasn’t particular impresses tbh


Has to shoulder a large part of the blame for how easily sterling waltzed passed him.


Naive dropping him in the deep end like that imo.


If we are playing some “normal” teams, he will be better.
As the DM, he shows his value today IMO.
Best player on the pitch, with Laca and Lichy.





We have a talent on our hands, he’s fearless, full of energy and has good level of awareness for his age.

Now that’s there’s no Wenger I hope his bad habits can be coached out, he played well despite some naive moments.

I’d rather have him with Torrieria rather than Xhaka all day.


His rawness is actually adorable lol


He is average


This kid is only going to get better; he has that spark in him, with more experience he will become a world beater.


I thought he was 18?


This is a hater free zone.


First match at high level against the champions and one of the best teams in the world. Did ok overall compared to Xhaka, Mkhi and Mesut.


Haters gonna hate.


Hes a talent but very very raw still. Its pretty worrying that we have to relly on such a young and innocent kid.


He was good and raw at times. Always gave hope and someone thats going to be enjoyable to hopefully watch develop.