Matteo Guendouzi (29)


He’s hardly Cesc or even Xhaka


Cesc is god mode compared to any of our CM honestly… at least Goozey has upside and some qualities to get excited about, but he also has those braindead cul-de-sac moments - needs to be smarter.

Xhaka is just several tiers below Cesc it is criminal. For me, I want to see Ramsey, Torreira, and Xhaka/Goozey/AMN/El Neny in the middle… as you can see one of those three options sticks out - none of those 4 grouped really distinguish themselves as obvious choice other than Xhaka (my least favorite probably)… frankly, if we sold Xhaka and El Neny and bought a WC wing attacker and went with AMN and Goozey in the middle, I’d be willing to roll those dice.




Mustafi cyber-bullying the new kid to deflect from how shit he is.


i would love it if Guendouzi replies to it with a caveman picture with the same caption.


All Guendozi has to do to end him is post his photo next to a picture of Hank Scorpio


From second division in France to starting against the English champions. I hope nerves don’t get to him


nothing phased him during preseason he looks quite confident


C’mon Matteo! You can do it!


Playing well so far. Hard and fearless in the tackles.


Very impressive.


Baller :heart_eyes:


Amazed everyone is saying how impressive he’s been, he’s only a kid but was largely at fault for the most decisive moment in the game to date.


he is 19 ffs in his first ever match at this level, where was his backing from the defense cant put it allon him the way sterling ran across him he couldnt turn and and keep up with him on time


To be expected to be honest.

People want to be positive about something.


Shouldn’t have played him in this game. People defending him if Wenger played him you guys would be cursing him for his naivety.

I don’t like this new kid one bit.


fucking miseryguts


Sorry dude. We all have our love and hate of players.


Yeah let’s call a spade a spade though, I know he’s young but has made a couple of hugely vital mistakes.


He has but he’s also been our best player.

I’m sure he’ll iron out the nativity with no Wenger around.