Matteo Guendouzi (29)


Insane stamina, powerfull and technical right foot, lung bursting runs into open space, big frame with broad shoulders ready to beef up in the gym, big ass hair flying around the pitch, doesnt shy away from the ball at any times and least of all hes inly fekin 19 years of age. Future looking bright for gwandowsi lad


Looks like the next Pirlo/Scholes/Zidane/Messi/Cygan

Surely the greatest player to have ever lived, has completely eclipsed every player in world football with the monstrously impressive feat of having reasonable showings in pre season.

I will be shocked and appalled when he signs for a second division French side a few summers from now.


Nah, he looks good. Hope he gets a few games this year.


There is sliced bread…

Then there is this guy. Nuff sayeed.


What a fucking talent he is! I just love his big personality at such a young age. He is almost a first-team player, imo.


Really makes you realize how shit Elneny is watching these two play together.


Lol! Elneny did ok.


Why are people getting this excited about a relatively basic player? Is it his hair or something? I mean he’s tall and can run a bit I suppose.


Literally all I know about him and I basically love him already.


Because he’s the best midfielder in the world


Bantz aside, he did look Xhaka-like suspect when gettin pressed and harrased. He aint a dribller at all to put it mildly. Good passing foot on the lad though.


He’s quite mobile for his height. Looks very sharp so far. Not a bad option to have at all.


Not better than Elneny from what I’ve seen


He’s a bit of an athlete, I give him that.


The difference between him and Elneny today was absolutely night and day. Obviously its just preseason but Elneny’s shite in preseason as well as important games so it doesn’t really matter.

Guendouzi looks like he wants to play football, he’s always looking for the ball from our defense and providing an option for them, he also likes to drive the play forward when given the opportunity not to mention doesn’t shy away from tricky long/diagonal passes.

With how woeful our MF options have been with Xhaka and Elneny consistently looking lackluster I honestly think this kid has a real chance to get into the first team. He certainly possesses the traits we need.

Not to mention it’s painful watching Elneny wear the number 4.


Guendouzi already looks at home in that midfield. He looks confident, comfortable on the ball and boy, he can pass!

It’s early days, but I’ve been impressed with him in pre-season – he looks way ahead of Elneny. Could well start against Man City!


Put some respect on Elneny’s name!


Him and Lucas should start together.


But for the most part like Elneny he played safe side ways passes. Although some decent forward passes tbf, they weren’t amazing or anything. Driving up the feild pretty much consisted of 10 metre surges. He looks powerful but doesn’t get stuck in winning the ball. He’s reasonably press resistant.

He might well get into the XI but whether that makes him a decent CM option for a top club is another matter entirely.


I like the fact he always wants to make himself available. Great personality.


I thought his long range passing was the thing that stood out.