Matteo Guendouzi (29)


I’m not so sure about that. I think he’ll be a squad player, albeit mainly used in the League Cup.


I do agree. We are rebuilding so let’s go step by step.



Another one to move :sunglasses:

OK, think it’s the right time to take some time off OA. Enjoy Torreira and the rest of the World Cup. We will meet again soon. Take care everyone!


@Bl1nk I literally just watched the category change in front of my eyes. :smile:


Yay…another thread I started for a player we actually signed! That’s 2 now :):sunglasses:


Just officially been announced.


Shirt number is 29


Is anyone else seeing Theo Walcott in a wig?


Omg… face shape is slightly off, but if you isolate smile to eyes area, spitting image!


Hope the kid is good but kinda worrying that Yacine Adli was clearly the first choice and now he would be the second.


Felt the Adli deal was more down to him wasn’t it? He was in London, ready to pen a deal and backed out last minute.

Either way, Matheo Guendallcott looks promising, already has some relative experience at the ripe age of 19 years old and has a fantastic head of hair.

Expect him to get quite a bit of time during the cup games.


It’ll be interesting to see where he’s at in 3 years time.Big reason why we brought Sven in was U21 for signings like these


Where has that been ever said or confirmed? He is made Head of Recruitment.

@YJYUX most of that has come at Ligue 2 level though. Now it’s not his fault Lorient got relegated, but it’s still something to keep in mind for expectations of his.


Not that they’re comparable but Verratti had all his experience in Serie B before PSG snapped him up. I think any first team experience at his age is experience worth counting.



His body is so awkward. Obviously he is only a teenager and will grow into, but still.

I hope he’s the beginning of many more French players to come btw.


Party rock is in the house tonight


Think it’s time to bin Xhaka and Elneny and look towards any combination of Ramsey/Torreira/Glen + (a possible new Emery shithouse CM). We’re sorted for functionality in CM.


He’s a likeable dude but we should have let Elneny go, I’d rather the minutes go to AMN and Guendouzi.