Matteo Guendouzi (29)


He’s shown the ability to make some key passes in the final third. Obviously still raw at 19 but that’s expected. So far so good from the boy considering he literally come out of nowhere and is trying to make a name for himself.


For me, there are more positives than negatives to thisnguy, so far.


I think along with Torreira, the lad’s been one of the bright spots in Emery’s debut season. He’s been one of our best players imo. The lad looks a exciting prospect just hope we don’t lose him to a rival club or to a club aboard cause of our owner’s lack of ambition.


If we do, we better get a fucking decent fee ffs.


I think we will with the new regime around, hope we don’t sell him off and build a good side around him, as long as you are competing, winning the odd cup and with the odd title thrown in there, getting CL football every season. Paying good wages. Players will stay.


Overhyped and overplayed. His enthusiasm and attitude can’t be faulted, but he looks out of his depth and struggles under any kind of physical pressure. Bigger question is why we’re asking a 19 year old out of Ligue 2 to perform at the highest level consistently?

The above from Arseblog in their player ratings for the kid and I completely agree. Looks so out of his depth and shouldn’t be playing so much.


I do agree but not sure about the use of the word overhyped. I don’t recall many, if any of us having any expectation from him when he joined. If there has been any since then, it’s because he did have a promising start to life at Arsenal.

I definitely agree that he’s looked out of his depth in recent weeks but then again who has.


He’s certainly been overhyped by the fans based on his initial performances where people got a little too excited by his show of energy. You’d only really need a read through the thread to see that I think.


Yeah that’s fine tbf, its not a point I feel massively strongly about and as I said - I agree with the overall verdict anyway


Think he was our best player Vs West Ham And one of the few that offer urgency to the team when attacking.


I’m sure young millionaire Matteo is really bothered what some baby gravy dribbling bint thinks about him :rofl:


I like his determination and will. He will come good.


What about his actual quality on the pitch?


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Now that I think about it this reminds me a bit of Alex Song who got signed up after showing some promise in the french league (Guendouzi has made less appearances than Song via signing for this club), in his first few seasons he didn’t play much, but I definitely remember Song looking VERY out of his depth in the premier league in his first few seasons, it took a loan too Charlton and some aging for him to get to grips with the league.

Despite the amount of time we’re giving him, I’m expecting him to take awhile to even get to the standard required for this club, if anything Guendouzi is the kind of player you’re loaning out for development until he’s ready, because despite the promise (and there’s a lot) there’s so many flaws in his game, he’s not ready for this level of football especially if we’re trying to push ourselves back into the CL.


I said he will come good so he is not ready yet.


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