Matteo Guendouzi (29)


He wasn’t given any support though, so many times he got the ball, was surrounded by three players and had no one showing for it.

Wasn’t great from him but I don’t think he was close to being the worst player on the pitch.


I think he has promise and has shown it at times in the first half of this season, but there is no way he should be relied upon as much as he is (fair play to others who have said this since like match day two or three). The odd league start, regular League Cup and Europa League appearances would be far more appropriate. Its be better for him and the team.


I admire his courage to be honest. He gets so many knocks every game. You can see that they’re trying to give him the PL treatment but he doesn’t get phased. I hope someone from our team notices it and tries to prevent it before we have another Wilshere/Ramsey/Diaby case.


I’ll continue to rate him as one of the plus points of this season, regardless of what else happens.

2nd best Emery signing to date


He’s a good talent but its ridiculous how he plays a big part in every single game we play


I like Guendouzi but he’s playing too many games IMO, there should be someone ahead of him no question.

At times he looks so naive and blissfully unaware and honestly it’s killing our midfield play. What other top team is he getting into like this?


He was good in the first half but now it’s time for AMN or somebody else to take over for a bit.



Does’t get anything other than League cup gametime, if he’s lucky, at any other top 6 club

No wonder we’re at the bottom of the pile


Thought he was as good as anyone out their tonight. Good too see someone look like they want too play for us.


Agreed. He was at least trying to move forward, looking for the ball etc. I think he’s just fucking tired and underperforming. Much the same as we saw with some young players under Wenger after initial promise was shown…


I agree that he wasn’t our worst player tonight. I also agree that we’ve probably over-used him this season so far which have exposed his limitations/experience at this point in time.

To say he’s garbage and not worthy of his level sounds a bit much of an overreaction to today’s result. He’s no worse than what a Loftus-Cheek is to Chelsea or what a Phil Foden is to Man City at this point in time.


A 19 year old, it is sad that we have to rely that much on him, and our bench options are Elneny, AMN

He had already proved what he could do as a 19 year old. Good enough.
We just need a better player to play more minutes.


He may well be a good, reliable, player in the next few years, but no way should he be starting for a side that aims to get champions league football this season.


Have we ever had a manager and his son at Arsenal at the same time before?


Well I think you’ve basically just lost your own argument there because he’s played 3x the PL minutes of those two players combined.

He should not be a feature in this team and I don’t think that’s a controversial point to make. We all expected him to be exactly what Foden is, not starting league games.

He’s getting more minutes here than he was getting in Ligue 2 last year.


Yeah fair enough, I see how my point came across now you put it that way. If I put it more bluntly; he’s not the finished article and certainly shouldn’t be starting on a consistent basis but in terms of his development so far I’m happy enough. No huge concerns for me yet.

The comparisons were purely meant in a player development context from a technical view, not a game/minutes played one. So the point stands.

Not greatly articulated on my side but hopefully clears it up a tiny bit where I stand


This guy used to work at Arsenal. Apparently Guen was a scouted from 2017 and was gonna be signed regardless of who replaced Arsene.
Makes sense really, he had more spotlight when Lorient was in Ligue 1. Credit to the kid for not being a mamager’s signing but becoming a manager’s player.


Is that FM in the background? Haha


I still like him. He’s only 19 and was bound to have some growing pains, but he honestly is already a better option than Xhaka tbf.


Hopefully Unai and his soldiers can eliminate his headless chicken tendencies a bit. Otherwise i find his raw passing abilities very exciting.