Matteo Guendouzi (29)


Anyone with me who thinks his hair is lame as fuck?

I just woke up and this is my first contribution to the day. -_-




Yeh, that’s an overstatement, but the lad is great!


If the boss says it must be done, then it must be done :poldi:


You’re the only one. He’s too cute


Guendouzi seems to be extremely popular within the squad, I’m quite surprised by that. Players are eager to pass him the ball, and even off the pitch he seems to be quite involved.


He oozes enthusiasm. Wants the ball, wants to win, runs his socks off. Good lad.


I liked his pass for the goal :slight_smile:


If Guendouzi could translate that enthusiasm into being a nasty bastard when needed (as opposed to falling over all the time) he could become Vieiresque !! Lot of promise in the lad !!


Haven’t seen anyone talk about him but for me he wasn’t that good today. Very shaky, rushing passes and decisions in general. His greatest characteristic is his hunger to get involved but he needs to calm down a bit and try to calculate his moves better. Had a great chance in the end too but you coukd sense he had so many things on his mind that he ended up with that half-assed attempt for a header.


Agree. Needs to be more intelligent and proactive at closing down. Bad game from him today


Absolute garbage in our defensive third


I’m not sure I quite see what everybody else sees. Seems to me like he runs around a lot like a headless chicken, holds onto the ball for too long and doesn’t really make the right decisions that often.


He is learning and developing and have to accept he is going to make mistakes. It was always going to happen when people were going overboard on him in the start of the season.
Played and contributed a lot of games in a very short time. Has a very promising future imo here.



So painful seeing him on the ball taking too long to think about where to pass. All the while the opposition get set and good openings close.


Some real varying views amongst Arsenal fans on this kid majority are on the positive side though so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out over the next few years.


Nice potential and mentality, but has a ways to go and can’t play like a space cadet like he did today. I am a fan of AMN, so it is interesting to see this guy surpass him, hopefully with good reasons.


Well, he is only 19!!!
He can be and should be excused to make the mistakes that a 19 year old used to make.
Let him make the mistakes and learn from them, and not like he is making mistakes that cost us games (like Ramsey used to have turnovers outside our box)
He is very matured as a 19 year old be honest…


The kid looks lost without Emery barking at him


Don’t think he was poor tonight