Matteo Guendouzi (29)


I see what people think with him being ‘raw’ but I actually think he is amazingly accomplished.

Always has a knack for making the right decision.

Great performances from him for me.


kid is great.


Bask in it my man.


He was good when he came on, love his passion and enthusiasm

Bodes well for him that he’ll never be Wengered.


What a fucking guy :joy::joy: :arteta: :poldi:


Get the feeling this kid is going to have a big role to play at Old Trafford with Granit Xhaka suspended.


He’ll show Pogba how it should be done.

Well, that’s if Pogba isn’t riding the bench.


This guy has serious talent. Hopefully he can develop a more well rounded game and become a top CM. Not easy for 19 year olds to look so comfortable at the highest level in central midfield. He seems to have lots of qualities in his locker: dribbling/ball carrying, vision and weight of pass. Hopefully he can improve his defensive side and release the ball at the right times. Super signing.


What a talent.

Made some mistakes last night, but the drive forward he has got and passion bode well for the future.


Feel like he got the Reyes treatment (well as much as you can do in 2018) and he bounced back and had a great second half still.

Love it.

Still very raw and unrefined but love his mentality.


There was some naivety on his part, ought to have kept things more simple at times. He was really eager to impress (which I like) but was at times carrying the ball for too long and not releasing quickly enough.

I’m still not sure about his ceiling but he’s got balls and personality. Would have been a chastening experience to be the target of the boos from the OT crowd.


I love that he got booed at Old Trafford. Obviously rattled the United fans, which is a good thing.

Of course he made some mistakes, but considering he was playing in Ligue 2 last season, I think we can give him a pass for now.


Yes, the keyword is “mentality”

He is strong mentally, not just about his work rate and other physical abilities.




Cause he was flopping a lot according to the filthy northern bastards.


Proper talent. He’s the one that’ll make it, the real golden goose prediction.



He’s been great to watch so far this season. Really love his enthusiasm, seems to have taken to life at Arsenal very well.


Plus that hair!

Pantene are missing a trick, he’d sell that shit by the truck load.


Refuse to watch the video after seeing him labelled as “Arsenal’s Engine”