Matteo Guendouzi (29)


He was never as good as some Arsenal fans seemed to want us to believe. We’ve definitely done his career no favours but fuck me people spoke about him like he was a generational talent.


There’s a world of difference in the talent that was Henry, Viera, RVP, Overmars over Guen, Saliba and Martenelli.
Absolute agenda driven nonsense that tweet. Lets play the clever cunt and name legends and appeal to the fanbase and manipulate the conversation.
Trying way too hard but keep riding that white horse Tim Lancelot you noble knight.

Nobody’s actually arguing Guendouzi is the next Viera.

But a smart club doesn’t deliberately tank the value of its players.


That tweet has tried it’s best making him out to be on his level.

It’s not just Arsenal fans though. He was widely regarded as a top talent.
Golden Boy shortlist, called up for the French national team before many others(even some we actually have in our wishlist now such as Aouar, Caqueruet, etc.).
His market value by Transfermarkt isn’t decided by Arsenal fans either.
He’s arguably the best player in France’s U21s team and there are some massive names in there.

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I’ve never heard a non Arsenal fan talk up his talent the way Arsenal fans have.

And now, Mr. generational talent has finished a loan at Hertha Berlin and is likely to sign for Marseille. So yeah, I pretty much do think it is Arsenal fans who spoke his quality up a bit too much.

Good player, not helped by Arsenal, but his likely destination despite being available for low sums of money speaks volumes about how he’s viewed by other professionals.


The second season killed his momentum but even then he was still single handily dragging a late emery era 10 man team to a win against a fired up villa side. Any manager worth his salt should be looking at ways to get those performances out of him on a regular basis. His attitude obviously seems questionable but that’s where the art of man management comes into play. Maybe being a father will help him mature a little :grin:


Good man management comes from getting shut of trouble makers as well.

I had a couple of Man Utd fans tell me they would love him there over most of their midfielders.

I also don’t think it’s a big deal that Marseille are the ones that are taking him. They’re a big club with a bunch of talented players. It’s a perfect place for him to play regularly and stay in France. He recently became a father as well which is important to mention. Likely that they prefer to be near their parents.

IIRC, last summer it was revealed after the window shut that he rejected many moves from many clubs. There’s always interest for him.

Either we have a lot of trouble makers or Arteta is seriously lacking in that department :man_shrugging:t2:


I feel like Guendouzi will still go on to be a superstar it’s just not going to be with us.

I think we have a few that have needed dealing with yeah.
Could they have been dealt with better. Yeah I think so such as with the press.
Definitely a few bad eggs though.

Guendouzi is gonna be fucking class and we are going to get shafted in any deal.

I will die on this hill.


This is looking more Ravel Morrison than Andrea Pirlo so far tbh.


Ooof that is tragic asset management…

Would rather sell Guendouzi for nothing with a 50% profit sell on, than sell for €10m after a fucking loan.

In fact for that kind of deal I’d rather have him as back up in the U21s for the chance that we have ridiculous injury problems/afcon absences to pull up to first team.

I’d suggest a buy back clause but you know if Arteta is still around we’re not buying him back however good he gets.

This is why you don’t handle a inexperienced manager for a “potential top team”. He clearly can’t handle some personalities.

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You would hope that we recoup the £7M? we paid for him? How on earth do Arsenal get low balled so much, it’s like it’s an inherent thing.

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