Matteo Guendouzi (29)


I think that is overstating the case - and tbf Flamini was really good for us at times in his stints with us.

Guen has been decent and provides an energy and mobility and positivity in an area where we needed it badly, especially paired with Xhaka… I would agree people are going overboard on the praise.

On today’s performances, Torry and Xhaka should start, but I would be quick to hook Xhaka if today is a one-off (and I am betting it is).


Yaeh I agree with you… he is taking it too far.


Thing is my take isn’t even OTT at all, seems to be quite reasonable seeing as even you agree with Guen being dropped from the 11 despite his tackle and interception numbers in the first 2 matches.

His defensive awareness is lacking, that’s just clear anytime the ball is in our defensive third and midfield. He doesn’t appear to be a competent partner to negate some of Xhaka flaws

Do I think Guendouzi should be starting in the 11? No
Do I think he’s ‘crap’? No, I never stated he was though. What I do think is that his contribution to the 11 so far has been below average, that isn’t definitive though and shouldn’t be treated as such.


You do understand what the word essentially means, right?

You said he’s not an asset to the eleven at all, that he doesn’t bring anything to the side. If you think that doesn’t essentially equate to calling him crap then this must be another weird definition of yours like saying that dropped doesn’t mean benched but means moved out wide.

Because if I’m saying someone isn’t an asset to the eleven and contributes nothing then that absolutely equates to me saying they are crap/shit/bad/poor or whatever similar pejorative you favour. I’d imagine the same goes for most people.

So yeah, I can absolutely agree with you that he shouldn’t start every match and still think your post was OTT.


I think we should only be applauding those stats whether they’re inflated or misrepresentative etc.

He’s a 19 year old kid who’s come from the second tier French division. None of us had any early expectation, let’s just enjoy his quick start to life and get behind him.

I agree that Torreria looks the better suited player to start going forward, but there’s nothing to concern me with regards to Guendouzi so far imo. Let him work on his IQ, that’s workable as far as I’m concerned.


Why do our discussion always lead to a debate about semantics?

I stick by everything I said Guendouzi has no place starting for a top club and he’s more of a liability than an asset starting for us BUT you have to offset it by the fact he’s 19 and long term project with room for growth.


But in saying that Xhaka has made more mistakes leading to goals the kid has.

In today’s game the 2nd was a bit misleading because Newcastle, played deeper giving us more time on the ball and not pressing.


This is irrelevant to me. If you’re in the 11 you should be judged by high standards regardless of where you’ve come from or age. We should play out best players, simple.

I’m not sure why he got the nod ahead of Torreira 5 matches in. I’m really not interested in the progression of youth at the expense of performances which is what Emery has done so far by starting Guen. It’s truly odd


It’s a rebuilding process dude. If we don’t give chances now then when? Plus, Guendouzi had a good pre-season. Torreira apparently still struggles with fitness. He’s not even getting 90 mins with Uruguay.


Have to disagree, we’ve looked better in midfield when he’s been subbed off against West Ham, Cardiff and now Newcastle. Can this be denied?

Source? Played a whole WC and preseason without issue. Looked mostly sharp in most Arsenal league apps

I’m not interested in youth progression anymore unless we’ve got a World class talent who helps the side NOW. It’s unexplainable to justify Torreira exclusion in favour of a 19YO who hasn’t been all that impressive and looks to be a negative factor in why the side looks dysfunctional


The West Ham game Xhaka was the problem just because we won doesn’t mask how he played; today we had control with nothing happening until the goal, which forced Newcastle to play.


Because you’re incapable of articulating yourself properly.

Nah I’m totally joking, by nature I’m quite a pedantic person. Which can absolutely be a flaw of mine, but at the same time, I put a lot of stock in the words people choose to use. Not always, but I often take care about which specific word I use because I want to be as accurate and precise when expressing my opinion, so perhaps unfairly, I expect the same of others.

So when I use the word essentially, it’s because I’m absolutely aware that you didn’t literally say he is crap, but I think that the content of your post absolutely implied that he’s a bit crap. So I use the word essentially, because it’s a clear way of recognising that you didn’t actually call him crap but I feel you implied it/I inferred it.

It’s also my nature to sometimes be overly combative, which I probably was in my last post. So I apologise for that. As long as you know that I ultimately do think you’re articulate and that I do respect your opinion and enjoy reading your posts, I feel like we’re all good.


He was used in a similar fashion in the WC except in the last 2 games where he played the whole match I believe (against Russiea which consisted some changes due to Uruguay already going through and against Portugal where he was rewarded for his performance with Russia). Granted, he hasn’t been a casual call up so obviously they wouldn’t just drop him in from the stary.
And about the pre-season, he arrived right in the end and played just a match(against Lazio).
Btw, let’s not forget that he barely speaks English.
Even so, I would definitely start him. He’s our only pure DM. I’m just trying to explain why Emery doesn’t start him.


This kid is something; played really well when he came on.


You’ve only just realised :eyes:


No no I’ve always liked him.


He was very vocal today, especially when his teammates didn’t give an outlet to pass forward; noticed he had a go a litchsteiner for running forward to receive a pass.

Took goal well also.



He’s really composed for a 19 year old. I know we as Arsenal fans can be quick to overhype players however, I feel all things considered, he’s been brilliant so far. Very well rounded qualities for a CM.


can see him being a regular for france in a few years