Matteo Guendouzi (29)


Ajax right full-back also chose Morocco over Holland. He’s a huge prospect:


I had a weird dream Guendouzi became our Yaya Toure/Patrick Vieira without the tantrum. Defend well, command well and scoring vital goals for Arsenal. Totally different to what I think of him whilst conscious. After sharing this random thing now I’m going to disappear back to being an occasional lurker on here.


He should look to Munir to see what can happen when you don’t make the right choice. He tried to make the Morrocan WC team and his appeal was denied as he has played a mere 13 minutes for Spain, sad shit.

But honestly Guendouzi has all the makings of a CM star so his future is likely secured, I don’t think he drops France.


I don’t think Guendouzi is quite as good as some people think. I feel like he’s a good talent but falls short of the kind of quality France have produced over the last few years.

I’m big on European born Africans playing for their country of heritage though only because I think it greatly improves the standard of game back home and might actually force these nations to spend more money on coaching and infrastructure.


He’s definitely overhyped by us but it’s a feel good feeling to believe we have a genuine youth prospect on our hands.

I’m looking at it from a potential standpoint not only what he’s demonstrated thus far, it’s always difficult to predict youth talent but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.


Quite a couple of OA’ers dream about Arsenal. At least I’ve seen several posts starting with “I dreamt that” . I never have Arsenal dreams. Am I not a real fan?


It would be the best choice, as there isn’t space for him in the current french national team.


It’s in the summer now and every other season. So don’t think it’s a big deal.


in short. No.


The only arsenal dream I can remember was in summer 2013… We re-signed Fabregas and in our first PL game of the season he scored twice on his second debut away to Swansea :joy::joy:

I posted about it when it happened on the old OA haha


I’ve seen enough now to know Guendouzi has no place consistent starting in an Arsenal 11. It’s really that simple especially when you have more competent midfielders rotting on the bench for no good reason.

He’s an extremely raw player whose been overhyped by the media and fans. He’s not an asset to the 11 at all, doesn’t bring anything other than youthful enthusiasm, lack of defensive awareness and a neat pass after taking too long to find it.

His inclusion in the side since the start of the season is downright bizarre.



I do find that you have a habit of going a bit OTT when expressing opinions, you often seem to speak in absolute terms rather than finding a more moderate way of expressing yourself. This post being a good example.

Not that I don’t admire someone who has courage in their convictions :slightly_smiling_face:


Those aren’t really special or unique stats at all considering the composition of our midfield.

As always selective stats selection will never paint the whole picture. I think he’s been below average in midfield and we have better on the bench


Completely disagree, i think he has been one of our better performers so far…


Hence the reason we look more functional and secure side when he’s subbed off.

Notice no ever complains about Xhaka when Lucas is on the pitch. I suspect Torreira brings a certain level of maturity, organzation and competency to the midfield compared to Guen.


“Although we’re only 2 games into the new 2018/2019 Premier League season, Guendouzi has made more tackles & interceptions (combined = 17) than any other player in the league so far.”

You might want to backtrack slightly lol


I think there is one complication to this stat - I can’t prove it without much deeper analysis (and I don’t have time), but there are times in our games where possession is going back and forth repeatedly and frankly pathetically… I wouldn’t be shocked if our interceptions and giveaways on average are higher than almost every other team in the league for this reason. You are going to have high stats on these items I reckon when the football quality is awful - and we have seen the vast majority of our halves so far be pretty awful.


I remember Arsenal fans having a similar reaction to Flamini reintroduction.

The stats are selective and have no real reflection on his overall contribution, or lack of it, to the side.


kid is great


Sevchenko said he brings nothing to the team and doesn’t possess defensive awareness. Add all the context you want but having the most interceptions and tackles in the whole league after two games clearly demonstrates that he possesses some defensive awareness. This is what I meant about the post being OTT.

Edit: I actually agree that he shouldn’t be starting every game and I think Torreira is better than him, but you can express that opinion about him without essentially making out that he’s crap.