Matteo Guendouzi (29)


Everything Bellenderin can do. Guendouzi can do better.


That’s Bellerin’s claim to fame and you just pissed all over it.


No he cant…


Agreed. Bellers is much better at fashion.


Yes he can…


No he can’t…


well in that man…(cough cough)

yes he can…

Yes He Can…



Fck all y’all you know im right :rofl:


Damn, what kind of conversation and discussion had turned into???


reminds me of this GOAT ad. @Mysty Looking back the foreshadowing to how that season went is brilliant :arteta:

Nostalgia vibes, now that the great man is retiring.


Perfect reference @Electrifying ! God Lewis really did look so fresh faced in 2007, before he became a douche. .

Mercedes absolutely nailed that advert, was just before the relationship between Alonso and Mclaren broke down :giroud:

I’m rather enjoying our own David Luis in the team, looks to be quite an inspired signing from the new boss man. Should be fun to see his development over the course of the season. No Wenger anymore to ruin him :wenger:


Excuse me lads.

Don’t spam in the kings thread please.

Thanks for your understanding


English Panto…

(He’s behind you…) :mkhi:


Hasnt let anyone down in his 4 games but id give him a bit of a blow now. Till we get a bit more structured id have him on the bench and give him starts in the Europa and League cup for now. Ease the pressure on him a bit. He is ahead of were we could of expected him right now anyway IMO.


While i do agree, i think he would look even better along with Lucas. How can you play well with Xhaka? :smile:


Not sure what the actual numbers say but it seems he is a little bit better at retaining the ball and is not as easily dispossessed as Xhaka. I want to see him with Torreira.




We’re desperate for a good new central midfielder so I’d love this.

Renard has done an excellent job of convincing some young talent to switch to Morocco. That’s how we managed to bag Ziyech.


I’d rather he didn’t go to the Africa Nations each season, so I hope he turns it down.


He’s turned it down once before, but I guess as he gets older if he doesn’t get a look in in the French team (which is likely given their talent pool) he might consider it. Depends how much of a connection he feels for Morocco I guess – what’s his connection? Is one of his parents Moroccan?