Matteo Guendouzi (29)


Well, we could have had 6 goals in the first half alone, and should have had 4. I mean, Mkhi put away a much tougher one with his left foot but missed a sitter with his right. And it wasn’t even like they were small misses, except perhaps for the second one Auba missed.


I love Emery’s reaction.


It was like having Giroud and Sanogo time again…


He’s already taken some of the worst shots from distance in Arsenal history.


Matteo G is a bloody Gem. He looks like he has been here years. Strong, athletic, good on the ball and puts himself about. The type of player we have been crying out for, for many years.

He’s hungry and a winner, check his reaction to Auba’s first miss on Saturday. He should keep playing. He’s young and will make mistakes but that’s normal.


So at 19 already as good as Xhaka in that respect!


Shearer picked him in his team of the week


How is Aguero the best foreign player to play in the PL? He isn’t even the best foreign player in the PL right now.


Yeah odd call


and arguably not even so within Manchester City.


Well, Alan Shearer is renowned for being a big stupid cunt, so there you go.


He’s not even the best Argentine to play for City


Neither is Demichelis


That’s good but why don’t we give Bellerin the credit for that run and pass, which should be in the back of the net? Of course defensively Bellerin is still shit.


You’re right, but you very rarely see the receiving runner get the main appraisal for a defence splitting pass and rightly so in my opinion.


Of course Bellerin’s movement was excellent there. But it’s incredibly more skillfull to play a beautifully weighted and timed pass than to run in a straight line.


Maturity beyond his years this kid - as for defence splitting pass - would be an absolute crime not to run onto it but thats Bellerin all over !!


This is unfair.

Bellerin’s run makes the pass possible, while Guendouzi executed it perfectly.


Can Guendouzi make Bellerin’s run: yes

Can Bellerin execute Guendouzi’s defence splitting pass: no



Can Guendouzi make Bellerin’s run: never