Matteo Guendouzi (29)


And some people tut tutted me for stating the kid is a natural and reminds me of Vieira !!


Say thanks to Wenger. At least it’s a good news we can still find such a gem.


I agree but sadly people will use the trophy to win the argument.


Espacially :gabriel: #GuendouziOut


At least we know he tweets himself and not his PR-team.


Emery is rubbing off on him already :giroud:


Fuck off hes tweeting in a new language lol


To be clear, I’ve like your post because the tweet is really sweet and earnest and it makes my heart melt a little bit, not for the bit where you were digging him out for his spelling :smile:


Ok it seems that some guys didnt get my way of trying to be funny. I love gwanduuzi and the fact he makes the tweets himself(which is rare nowadays)


Haha don’t worry I knew your were joking I was joking back :wink:


#CalumOut :bellerin:


I used a smiley to try and soften it, I knew you weren’t being serious


What’s with all this “people being nice to each other” posts?? What’s happened to OA?


Fear not I am here.

I liked LordBendtner’s post for his dig on Guen’s poor spelling.
Espacially? what a cunt!


He’s definitely gonna be the best midfielder in the world by seasons end


Wonder if there’s a goalscorer in him as well, yet to see him in an advanced position. Hopefully vs. West Ham


Has a nice juicy right foot. I sense some future thundercunts coming out of this lad in the near future.


That pass to Bellerin :giroud2:


My god, and Aubameyang missed that HOW? :woman_facepalming:t2:

Still haven’t seen the highlights of this match and thinking maybe it’s best not to :eyes:


There are about 3 sitters we missed lol… was pretty crazy actually.