Matt Turner (30)

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I was gonna say no to this on account of him not remotely being our player yet but I see @Bl1nk has had his say :xhaka:


Can you blame me after the bleak January we’ve had? I had to :santi:


Ah, those Americans are easily pleased, aren’t they?


Man does job

Second half of the season Ramsdale probably doesn’t save that. :grimacing:

Our keeping pool has been strange over the last six or seven years.

Tim Howard was a solid servant to the national team but Brad Guzan despite the shaved head couldn’t really fill those shoes.

Right now the competition seems to be between Steffen and Turner. The book on Steffen is that his distribution is good but his shot stopping is meh and with Turner it’s the opposite. The weird thing is that neither will be playing much football next season which is concerning if you’re the national team coach.

(Unfortunately, the USA’s national team coach is a big doofus who plays favorites with his selections and is obsessed with becoming diet Manchester City…hmmm…that almost sounds familiar.)


I read today that Turner has saved 10/21 penalties he has faced in his career, which is a pretty insane rate even accounting for MLS penalty takers probably being less skilled than in PL or European play.

I wonder whether Arteta would consider using him as a penalty specialist if we ever make a shootout again.

Doubtful that Turner sees meaningful minutes in PL games barring a Ramsdale injury. He isn’t good enough to push Ramsdale.

Turner isn’t terrible and has had some big moments—like vs Mexico, but I think @Powderfinger above said it best that this is a cheap replacement for Leno for a season or two and someone to rest Ramsdale in early round Cup ties/dead rubber euro league games.

I guess Turner wanted a “big euro club” move as he surely knows he won’t be playing much ahead of the World Cup barring injury.

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This is my favourite part. What we want him to do is his weakness. So glad we signed him.


Nice quotes. Fair play.


It did seem like a weird choice unless they think he can learn to play out better.

He’s not as clunky as Cech looked in those first few matches after we bought Leno and Emery wanted to play out. But he’s absolutely a better shot stopper than ball playing keeper. He was probably most people’s pick to start for the USA in Qatar given that Steffen rarely plays for City and has looked pretty bad when he does play. Can’t have an ice cold keeper going into a tournament imo.

But yeah, it’s a weird signing considering how much of an emphasis the club put on playing out.


A number 2 goalkeeper the quality of Leno was an anomaly last season. We are back to the usual standard of second choice goalkeepers now


That’s true

Not knocking the turner signing but I’d prefer a HG keeper though


Honestly number 2 keepers of a top quality is arguably the hardest to come by for any top club.

Us and Leno and then Real Madrid and Navas are the only examples I can think of of teams having proper top class back up keepers

Chelsea probably have the most expensive sub goalie in the world :joy:

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Yeah but he sucks.