Match Of The Day



I’ll wait and watch it when the DVD comes out.


Who needs MOTD when you have @Luca_from_Italy ?! :grin:

Not that I watch it every week, but i’m glad ITV aren’t getting their hands on it again.


@Luca_from_Italy is more like SkySports, he gives you the scores as they are happening.

He is quicker than MOTD, and his language is far more colourful.


Cheers to both @Phoebica and @InvincibleDB10 :ozil2:


@match-a-da-day-a (from Italy)


That’s £410,000 of your money that goes to that bald fool to spout some of the bare bones useless shite you could ever hear.

He is fucking laughing all the way to the bank, fair play to him.


I’m pretty sure BBC contracts are negotiated.


I thought Graham Norton got millions? Is that just for his radio show or something?


That’s amazing.
Steve Wright is the fourth highest earner.