Martin Zubimendi

Tweet is 6 days old but its one for the summer

Never seen him play but I have to see I am intrigued by the unknown and he seems very highly regarded.

Also be a pretty straightforward transfer if he want him as we just need to pay his release clause


would rather have Martin from Eastenders

Ffs the transfer window just ended.


This feels like going into the shops in October, and hearing Christmas carols :slight_smile:


You could’ve picked a better OP Cal :rofl:.

Anyway, our interest in him seems genuine though. The Athletic confirmed that we were indeed willing to activate his release clause but he didn’t want to leave mid-season.

Be hard to imagine him not being picked up by either Madrid or Barca tbh.

I do think we have a big advantage if he wanted him and he was willing to come to the PL. Arteta was born in San Sebastian, he’s a Sociedad fan himself. It’s a perfect spot for him.

are we linked with this guy or is this a low grade twitter rumour?

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There was rumour that we were prepared to pay release clause but he wanted to stay in Real Sociedad until summer.

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See the post right above.
Here’s the article:

Loving how two players over 24 being signed has quietened the nonsense about how the process or project was perceived.
The amount times I had to read that garbage about our age profile only stuff.
Good too see the club are open to adjustment on this policy and probably always will be.
It was always nerdball bollocks that they’d rule themselves out on so many talented players.


Not by choice though.

Why were we forced.

Because we didn’t get the players of the preferred age profile.

If we got Mudryk & Caicedo as we preferred, your statement wouldn’t have been existed.

The club clearly prefers the policy and had no choice but to deviate once the preferred choices were not available.

Which is it what it was always about. Not the utopian nonsense that the cool kids on Twitter thought it was.


Get him for his release clause day 1. Please no messing them about trying to negotiate it down when many, including fat Todd will likely be willing to pay it.

And also get Rice. Boom, the UNICORN Partey is replaced and has successors, in case he does get jail time for putting his horn where it don’t belong.

What is this utopian nonsense you are referring to?

If you mean “going after players who are 23 or younger”… well based on the players we went after, it is clear that that’s the policy.

I don’t see how that perception changes.

Tbf, it was admitted in the doc and in interviews that was genuinely the strategy, and judging from what Arteta said recently, they’re still eyeing to keep the average age of the team pretty low. He used the wording “we can absorb these players” like he was talking about sacrifices. :sweat_smile:

If the club wasn’t in a title race and weren’t so short I doubt Trossard and Jorginho would be signed this window.

I do like the idea behind it myself but I think there should always be exceptions for the right moments or the right players.

Obviously it was the mainstay of the policy but I never believed for a minute that the club would rule out signing players of 27, 28 in this day and age of fitness.
Honestly the interpretation people jump on and pump out as verbatim is just ignorant.
All these cute phrases like low risk ,high reward. All sounds nice in pre season. The reality is totally different.
This has come about because too many follow the game in small soundbites.
Any policy like this has to be studied over time and not just incoming deals in summer.


For sure. I think once the squad was in a better place both on the pitch and financially then they were certainly gonna be open in bringing players in their late 20s, if they were the right players or the moment called for it.


What does it say about zubimendi?

With it becoming increasingly obvious that an agreement for Caicedo was out of reach, Arsenal regrouped on Monday — the eve of the transfer window. The task now was to find a deal for a midfielder that could be completed in around 36 hours.

Caicedo and Rice were not the only midfielders discussed in the course of the window — Martin Zubimendi of Real Sociedad and Edson Alvarez of Ajax were among the names considered. Arsenal were willing to trigger the €60million release clause for Zubimendi, but the Spanish international preferred to remain in San Sebastian until the summer. Arsenal have been impressed with Charlie Patino’s form at Blackpool, but there were no discussions about bringing him back from his loan prematurely.

In the final days of the window, Arsenal were offered other midfield players by intermediaries. Many of these simply did not meet Arteta’s specifications. Jorginho, ultimately, was the exception.