Martin Ødegaard (c) (8)

Another awesome performance. Let’s get some consistency going now Martin. Hope the injury isn’t too bad.

And fuck that fuck face McGinn.


Would still love him to come to Arsenal. I’d consider taking back the things I said.

He’s been awful for Villa this season


Really starting to come into his own as our key midfield guy, linking the play, helping us maintain possession and having the ability to make passes that open teams up. Hope him coming off was only a precaution and he is good to go on Sunday.

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Want to see him play with this exuberance, flair and confidence against United at Old Trafford.

He’s been on fire this season. Big test is whether he produces the same kind of performance in a much higher pressure situation. He had a tendency to put in really anonymous performances last season.

He seems to have really embraced being permanent captain now. Taking responsibility and enjoying the burden.

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Needs an enforcer around him to perform at his best in the bigger games on the road. Partey back up is essential for him and this midfield to function at its best.

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What happened to him…injured in training?

We should cash in. Dude is a crock. We have a new toy in Vieira.


Who is a bigger bargain?

Jesus or Odegaard?

Good Q.

Its a close one but I’d say Odegaard

I’d say Jesus. Top #9s are harder to find in this economy


it’s that damn brexit i tell ya :henry2:

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I need see Jesus hit 20 league goals first before i attach the bargain label

I think he will


Given the weight of expectation, the way he’s fundamentally changed the way the team can attack and looking at some of the transfer fees other teams paid it has to be Jesus.

Jesus by far - early days, but he looks like he’s transformed us. Odegaard despite being a good footballer hasn’t really lifted us anywhere.

We’d find it much easier to replace Odegaard than Jesus. 30m was a snip though.

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The guy is quite young…still room for development…hopefully he gets inspired from his big “brother” in city and charges on…so far I’m happy with his play…hes a classical playmaker just needs more aggression

he had 6 or 7 years of professional football under his belt already??

Odegaard. Our entire play runs through him and he’s magical on the ball.

Jesus has transformed us more because our previous options were so bad and his energy is off the charts but I’ll stick with Martin.

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Agreed but being a substitute in Real isn’t much of a job…experience is always plus in his position…what I like in his play is he has some touches “out of the box”
once he starts connecting those he will be great…I mean he plays by intuition