Martin Ødegaard (11)

People like him will cry when we sign no one instead and have zero creativity next season.

Fucking useless tonight.

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As posted in the ShedEnd Jorginho, Kante, Havertz, Rudiger threads circa December 2020

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Agreed, but it would be nice to see him under a decent, sorry, good, sorry, reasonable, sorry…manager…Something unfortunately, we don’t have!

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Yeah it was a nothing performance from Odegaard tonight which is very disappointing.

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Far from convincing me now of investment. Loan deal would be the preferred option now.
Bit surprised he hasn’t got better now he’s had games under his belt.

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He got worse. Could be that he has truly become an Arsenal player.

Seriously though, we should stop using him and Ceballos.

We know Dani is done here and Odegaard will probably be given another go when Zidane leaves. I’m sure Raul and Low will give him chances. Probably Allegri too.

I’m praying we unearth a gem with Ødegaard but you’re right, best to get him on another loan and decided mid to late next season either sign him or not. In the meantime though we need a #10 that can make an immediate impact.

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Get him another loan for what? So Arteta can do his best to halt the players progress like he’s done to Dani?


You’re assuming bumteta will be here next season.

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Besides the West Ham game, I just don’t see the hype with this guy and can see why Zidane doesn’t see anything in him. He’s a bit like Ceballos, a decent player with a nice touch but massively overhyped cause he plays for Real Madrid. I’m not saying he won’t be a good quality player but nowhere near worth the price they are asking. Be fine with a loan spell but wouldn’t be upset if he didn’t come back.

He was purchased by Real, but not really played for Real…
99% of the time he was loaned out and play for other teams.
His quality is “not yet” or close to Real’s level.
So you are right, he was hyped up.
Still, he is very young and looks eager to play and impress, I want to see him playing more for us.

Been disappointed since the international break/his ankle injury. Not making much of an impact. Still like him but I’ve cooled off on what I’d be willing to pay

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Any player Arteta gets his hands on turns to shite before our very eyes.


Alexis and Özil during the 2017/2018 season, are the only two players with better creative stats in recent seasons.

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Than Ødegaard at Arsenal? What stats specifically

Yes, and only him compared to other Arsenal players. This of course says something about how boring the team has been, but still.

scroll down to “goal and shot creation actions” if you want to read more

here, if you want to read more about how he’s performing compared to others in his position:

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I like the guy but last night he dropped a 2/10 when we really needed him, he’s generally neat and tidy and he’s young, what’s his ceiling that I’m not sure ?