Marquinhos (Loan: Norwich City)

Good move, the guy needs playing time and now we have another winger ahead of him he’s gonna get even less than the usual 12 minutes every 3 months.

Just scored for Norwich


An assist and a goal on your debut. Not bad at all.


Can’t see him or Trustee making it here. Good, Championship loans should put both in the shop window.

It puts him on the Marketinhos. Maybe Villa will take a punt at £30M?

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Lol didn’t we just buy this kid

At the very end of what was a dismal performance by Norwich, the Arsenal man was shown a red card for an elbow. Replays showed Marquinhos was just jumping for the ball and his stray elbow caught the opponent. It was completely accidental and the decision to send him off has not gone down well at all.

Even championship refs hate us

Where are you from?
No where are you really from?


He’s caught him but that’s a very harsh red

next time tell him jump with your arms down by your sides…you should know better.

Gary Neville “his arms are in unnatural position, that’s a pen”


Seems unlucky. Never gave an impression of an aggressive player.

Its usually 50/50 whether that kind of foul even gets a yellow. A straight red is incredibly harsh.


The way the ref ran into him like he killed someone on purpose.

Cunt wanted to make the headlines.

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my thoughts exactly

After initially hearing about it and then watching the incident, it’s not a red card for a moment of lunacy, or loss of ‘mind’.

Nevermind, there’s a lovely Centre Parcs up the road near Thetford Forest with brilliant swimming facilities.

Even if it’s upheld, at least he should be straight back in the team after the ban.

Was worried he’d be frozen out after a dumb fuck challenge or something til I read about it.