Manchester United

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Rat Cliffe


Seems like their targets are once again driven by him so this should be his last chance you’d think.

There’s no excuses anymore. I don’t think they should turn into prime Barca overnight, that style isn’t Man Utd’s DNA anyway.
But getting dominated by bottom half teams at OT should not happen again this season.

Gotta be able to enforce themselves on teams.
I think both them and Chelsea should at least aim to take the spots from Spurs and Villa in the Top 5.

Man Utd finished 3rd and won the league cup in his first season; I thought they would push on and do a better in the league.

They’ve regressed in the EPL but won a trophy again.

If they get summer business right, I can see them back in the top 4 again. `

Still miles off us and City though, and maybe Liverpool depending on how Slot gets on.

Between Man U, Chelsea, spurs and Liverpool, it’s difficult to say who’ll get the top four places.

Chelsea without Pochettino and Klopp leaving Liverpool means they are at a disadvantage.
But persisting with ETH, who broke records for Man U in the PL for all the wrong reasons, means they won’t be doing much either and Newcastle, spurs or Aston Villa could easily finish above Man U.

How the fuck on earth are they getting that sort of money for him??

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He’s had a pretty good season in La Liga to be fair , stand out player in a very meh team. I can see why a team would take a punt.

Top talent and you imagine outside of the odd chanting he’ll get from opposition fans - he won’t get too much stick on the continent.

I do wonder if he’ll ever return to England

This is actually crazy, that ETH got a contract extension after having had the sword of Damocles dangling above his head.

Bro hypnotized everyone at United and convinced them they played good football after all :vinai:


best CB partnership??

my ass.

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Ffs these cunts are already starting their bullshit.

It’s fucking July you deluded red manc bastards. Give us another few weeks of peace please lord


20 quid charity bet time.

I say Yoro won’t play a dozen PL games next season. Even sub appearances. Whos in.


I like that you’re stipulating it’s a charity bet from the outset this time :grin:

I’ll happily try to take another 20 quid off ya


What can i say, you inspired me. :grin:


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It will be interesting to see if Neville has learned that saying Man U will finish above us only makes him look more stupid than we already know he is.

They’re just like spurs, at the start of every season their supporters think they’ll win the league because the signings they’ve made are the players to take them to the next level.

Severity scale of delusions:

  1. Mild
  2. Moderate
  3. Severe
  4. Manchester United fans

Even if that was the case, Lisandro hasn’t been able to last a month without getting injured the past 18 months so it’s unlikely they’ll see much of that partnership. :grimacing: