Manchester United

They also have no backup at all to Bruno (with DVDB out for the year), who has played an insane 2535 minutes already this season. For context, we are all worried about playing Saka into the ground and he has played 2034, with fewer matches in front of him.

The dropoff from Rashford, Bruno, Eriksen, and Casemiro to their backups at those positions is huge. Ten Hag has been able to basically just ride those guys in nearly every match across competitions so far but he won’t be able to keep doing it.

Wild they can be all cups and schedule a game against Leeds, whilst we can’t get a date for our Everton fixture with both of out of domestic cups and us not having that EL playoff game.

I think you should write to the PL about it :rofl:

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Erm, no thanks

Are you lost? This isn’t redcafe

ok apologies. This was a man Utd thread so thought we posted all United stuff in here. I will delete the post.

This forum is predominantly filled with Arsenal fans. There are a couple of football forums where you have a diverse bunch.
No one will be interested in the goal compilation of United here. Perhaps you will get few views out of curiosity.

Apart from Arsenal, you can perhaps compile videos of players who are transfer targets of Arsenal, videos of Messi’s goals, players from past etc.

This is like claiming the knee slide or the fist pump celebration. Marcus is genuinely shameless. :rofl:

I didn’t see him reposting Saka’s celebration though. Got humbled by our Starboy.

What is Rashford even claiming? It’s barely a movement, let alone a celebration.


I don’t wanna be that guy because I do also believe Gary Neville can chat a lot of shit, but is he yet to be proven wrong about Arsenal? So far under its 8th, 8th, and 5th after bottling top 4 in spectacular fashion.
Would absolutely love for us to shut him up this season though.

Is he not? He’s been predicting our demise for years now and it’s a clear progression.

It’s not his Arsenal prediction that pisses me off, it’s when he pairs it with his United predictions.


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Play silly games, win stupid prizes.
That’s what you get for not rotating.

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That’s heartbreaking


Pains me to say but I think this might be their title charge over.


He was clocking MAD minutes

Poor squad management by ten Hag


It wasn’t fatigue related. Horrible challenge by big Andy Carroll

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Yeah a bad tackle can happen in any game.