Manchester United

Yeah it’s a stupid decision to bring him back and make him captain. He tried to be compassionate, but with narcissists and selfish people like Ronaldo it doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

I am sure ETH won’t make that mistake again.

Meanwhile United fans are burning Ronaldo’s shoes and shirts.

Hundreds of pounds down the drain.
Expected of them to follow the footsteps of their club’s spending.


It was in response to this:

Meanwhile United fans are burning Ronaldo’s shoes and shirts.

I don’t blame them. You don’t do what Ronaldo has done. I respected him before for how good he used to be. Now he is just a burden. :slight_smile:

Haven’t they been doing what he has done all these years?
Complain about the “lack” of investment and that OT and their training facilities are have been left to rot.
All while waving the Norwich scarves. :rofl:

That might be so. It doesn’t excuse Ronaldo childishness and Ronaldo is shit nowadays and so is his attitude and so is walking out on your teammates who are winning, sitting down with Piers and ruin your legend status.

The guy is finished :slight_smile:

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You won’t find be arguing against that. I just think Man Utd fans are one of the dumbest, reactionary and entitled fanbases around.

Said it before, couldn’t happen to a better club.


Yeah, I think opposing fans need to reconcile themselves to the fact that United have their best manager since SAF.

That doesn’t mean he’ll take them back to the heights of league titles and CLs. But they will be a problem for sure in the next couple years.

I can see two big stumbling blocks that hopefully trip them up:

First, ETH has actually built the spine of the team around a lot of older players like Casemiro, Varane, Eriksen, De Gea, even Bruno to some degree that will need to be replaced or will likely become squad players in the next couple years. You can envision a scenario where by the time he gets in some other players that he needs in other spots (like a striker), these other players are declining. So far its not an ideal team-building scenario where you get a bunch of guys who go through their prime together.

United seem pretty intent on treating this year as a developmental year. If ETH makes top four they’ll be ecstatic but they’re not going to sack him if they finish fifth or sixth. But what if the project stalls out for the next couple years after that in the “finishing top 3-4 but not competing for the title” phase? I’m not sure how much patience ETH will be given if after 2-3 years he has nothing to show but a few CL appearances and an energy drink cup or something of that nature.

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You mean Ole superpack? Spending loads to be around the boys. :rofl:

Man Utd did end up accepting that with Ole until they went and signed Sancho, Ronaldo and Varane.

Many times since I’ve been gutted that I so swiftly banned that United troll who showed up here post Ronaldo signing. Today is the most regretful I’ve been.


There was a good few on the old OA. Specially when they signed RvP :joy:

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Actually their squad is not young, and will need a few years at least to phase out the older players.
We have the upper hands now.



Fucking L O L


Unlucky dude. Terrible beard, Fax machines and now this. Should just quit football completely imo.

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Do you know, he only ever said “ooooh, Betty” once in that show?

Can’t believe I used to dream of this guy playing at the carpet years ago.
Turned out a bum.


Still time for him to hit that Balon D’or clause.