Manchester United thread


They’d be writing themselves. Warts and all. A unique experience. An effort. I’d appreciate that.

I think there are very few footballers who have a genuine “story to tell”, so to speak. Reading the stories of footballers of a foregone age would appeal to me (Jimmy Greaves, Wrighty, Adams, Merse had problems off field, someone mentioned Socrates being a Dr- worth a read). They’d be books I’d read as biographies


What is up with all these old footballers being offended by modern players using phones? Like Roy Keane, and I’ve seen Gattuso not like it either. Get with the times grandpa’s :grinning:


Tbf united where always the best supported team in the country during the 27 years without the title. What we are seeing at city is the exposure to the myth of all mancs are blue. The amount of empty seats each week with that squad and their exploits is quite pathetic really.


I bought a comic anime book from Barca which is written in Spanish. Ofcourse I will


Flamini is worth 30 billion :slight_smile:


It doesn’t count if you are the only one on here who knows these languages exist. :stuck_out_tongue:


He not the only one :wink:.


FLAMINI blows every footballer out of the water - GAME OVER !!


He did go to a public school where their job is to teach pupils to pass exams.

I’m sure he is intelligent, but for 20k a year in tuition fees, those grades are fairly standard.

Saying that, John Terry could have gone to Eton and still ended up as thick and ignorant as he has.


Is he genuinely that wealthy though. I thought he is only that wealthy if that energy company ends up successful, i wasnt sure if he was already wealthy from his investment as of yet i thought that was ‘in future if all goes well he could be worth XYZ’


Apparently they’re the sole producer of that particular biofuel in that market.


Mourinho does it again :joy: :joy:


He would be great for us.
Pogba is top quality and if Man U want to get rid of him to the highest bidder, we should be first in the queue.
Ozil, Mkhitayran, Pogba with Aubameyang upfront, it doesn’t get much better than that.
He is the perfect replacement for Cazorla, and we could sell Wilshere and Xhaka to help pay for him.


Getting sacked next season for sure. He has lost the dressing room again.


It wouldn’t work because none of those players defend enough

And United aren’t selling Pogba in the PL in a million years. If he does leave, which he won’t, he’d goto PSG


Perfect replacement for cazorla you are surely joking? Pogba will never be able to run a game like he could.


Pogba has been a let down in all honesty. Mourinho may have played his part but not to the extent of crap hes produced.


Indeed. The £500,000 Pogba was better than the one they bought for £89m!

But hey, in terms of hairstyles, they’ve had their money’s worth.


even with that i think they have grossly overpaid…the state of some of those styles :gabriel: