Manchester United thread


Well seeing as we’re having a willy waving contest, 4 too :wink:

English, Norwegian, Welsh and Swedish :fu:

Could probably throw Danish in there too.


English and Maghrebi Arabic… :eyes:

I think it’s a massively ignorant generalisation to call football players thick as shit. There are plenty of intelligent football players as is evidenced by the many intelligent tacticians, coaches and other senior management roles they hold post career.


Thanks for sharing that, a really interesting article.


Not a language. Doesn’t count.
You just know how to spell your gargles out.


It was targeted at the vast majority of professional footballers. There’s no way a modern day footballer could write that passage the way it’s been written.


I don’t know why I always remember this, but Arshavin has a degree in clothing technology, and he wrote a thesis on something to do with casual suits :laughing:

Mignolet has a law degree and Frank Lampard has a very high IQ. Not to mention Clarke Carlisle, he was named Britain’s brainiest footballer.

But yeah, my point is, there are many examples of footballers having a brain.


Pique bangs Shakira

I say his intelligence thereafter is no longer a demeaning factor even if it were low.


Mother fucker :joy:

Thomas Gravesen has amassed a £100m+ fortune.


Not to mention George Weah being a fucking world leader!

Socrates was a doctor back in the day.


That Frank Lampard thing is funny. Wasn’t it that he was the only Chelsea player at the time to have passed any GCSEs and therefore that qualified him as the brains of the squad :smile:

That said I like Lampard and he seems a smart enough guy


You’re going to learn a language in one year ‘for sure’? :joy:

Piqué hate is a bit random lol, he’s actually one of the most articulate footballers around.


I believe Gary Lineker passed his O levels as well (although in these here parts, that story might be just as much apocryphal as it is true)


Well to be fair to Frank, all 12 of his GCSEs were As. Even I didn’t get all As and i’m the smartest person I know :grin:

And he was in the top 0.5% of the world’s population based on IQ. But yeah, he does come across as quite intelligent.


I’ve just had to goggle that out of pure shock! :eyes:

I can’t find anything to say he scored 12 A grades, but it does seem he passed 12 GCSEs which is more than most so I stand corrected :grimacing: I had it in my head that he had about 1 or 2 (one of them famously being Latin) :smile:


Ha I Googled it before I posted it to check I was right.



I’ve definitely heard something about him getting a large number of As at GCSE, and the thing about having a GCSE in Latin.


Seems I can’t goggle a BBC page :flushed: thanks pheebs :grimacing::smile:


Not so much Pique, mate. Just the whole ‘I’m a footballer, I’m going to milk it for what it’s worth by releasing a biography before the age of 30, making uninteresting stories sound remotely interesting’

It’s the life we chose by following these fellas week in, week out, but some of these anecdotes would be better serialized in one of the daily rags. Seeing it on hardback is just a bit too much to stomach.

Now an autobiography - that’d be something


Why would the stories be different?


My worse half just told me Nedum Onouha got 3 As at A Level, move aside Lamps