Manchester United thread


Would Manchester United have a brighter future today if LVG had kept managing the club (and been allowed to spend the same amount as Mourinho)?

I think its pretty likely. LVG’s football was unwatchable at times but he created a very good platform for the development of Rashford, Martial, and Shaw and all three would almost certainly be better players right now if he had stayed in charge. United might not have won two trophies last year but I think they’d posses a stronger foundation of young players for the future. Mourinho has basically lit their future on fire with his alienation of Shaw and Pogba and the inconsistent playing time of Rashford and Martial, which has hampered their development.


Whatever though it is great to see Manchester so boring these days.
In Ronaldo days they were quite devastating but with Moyes, LVG and Mourinho, the attraction to watch United is withering a bit.


If Mourinho stays. along with his boring style of football and no trophies, all the plastic in Manchester will turn from red to light blue, because it is the biggest glory hunting city in Europe.


If he goes, I wonder who’ll be their number 1 target? They might step on our toes in the manager search a bit


I’m not sure, LVG spent allot and finished 5th. Mourinho is on target for 82 points this season, which is a very good haul.


LVG was my favourite managerial appointment. Purely because during the World Cup, after he substituted one goalkeeper for another before a penalty shootout, United fans had orgasms and convinced themselves that he was clearly a genius and they were definitely going to win the treble the following season.

The reality was obviously a lot different :grin:


And we lost the next penalty shoot-out…good for the confidence of Cillessen at that point to get substituted for the shoot-out against Costa Rica and having another one againt Argentina.



Taken from here, which is a great read


Imagine how much more disciplined this team would be if it had a prime Roy Keane as captain. Fuck it I’d take him as our next manager just to know our players that fuck up will get a proper bollocking.


Thank God for ghost writers. There’s no way the thick as pigshit Pique could string along sentences as coherent as that.


So what, it’s his second language. How many do you speak?


That was a very interesting read, thanks for posting that!

@DavidHillier you do realise he speaks English right? And he is far from think as pigshit. What an ignorant comment lol


I meant footballers in general, Will. What an ignorant comment for you to make.


3, thanks for asking


Me too.

English, Anger and Sarcasm.


Wait, that’s only 2 languages.

English and Scottish.


Didn’t sound like you meant footballers in general to me…


English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani

4 you amateurs.

Spanish by end of year for sure. 5 then. Eat your hearts out.


4 more than Pique