Manchester United thread


I’d say it’s possible for the truth to lie in the middle. Shaw’s attitude and application might be somewhat lacking but the way Mourning treats him can still be unacceptable and displeasing to other players


I think those are unrealistic numbers and are excessive expectations. If Alexis manages 10 goals and 10 assists, he’ll be considered an expensive but good addition. He’s simply playing a less attacking role at United in a team that doesn’t commit as many players forward.

The thing is United fans are upset that the Alexis signing is blocking the development of Martial and Rashford, which it is. Because all 3 are best on the left. It was a round peg in a square hole signing for them and an expensive one at that.


You can get those returns from players with half his salary


Yea but not many will consistently from the wing




The only animal he will never save is Josè ahah!


Dont have any issues with players getting called out. To many pampered pricks getting away with too much in the last few seasons.


The problem is that you shouldn’t do it in the press, but in your dressing room.


Whether Luke Shaw has an attitude problem or not, José clearly has a problem dealing with humans (and probably animals too). He’s treated lots of players like crap, especially Pedro Leon – I mean, imagine someone saying something like this to you:

Even by Mourinho’s standards, he went too far with Leon. Writing for the Guardian in 2013, Sid Lowe recalled the day Mourinho told the winger that he had such a low opinion of his ability and mentality that even if the Real team plane crashed on the way to the game without him onboard and he was the only player in the squad available for selection, he still would not play. Leon was 23.

And what about about Ricardo Quaresma, who was so marginalised to the fringes of Inter’s squad by Mourinho that he would wake up crying before training sessions.


Ozil being able to show such class while playing for declining Mourinho and Wenger in such a way may mean he is actually a Messi level talent :eyes:


I don’t understand why no one seems to stand up to Mourinho and front him.

When he’s interview by the media and he has one of his tantrums they just let it go rather than questioning his bizarre behaviour.

The reason he keeps getting away with it, is because he always has, and people let him.

For someone as obnoxious as him, who has never played at any decent level and is such a wimp, I’m surprised no player, or anyone in the media, hasn’t had a go back, or threatened him.


Ramos did and still does. He still hates him now. Even pretended he had forgotten José’s name last year.

Do you remember when Mourinho called Özil a crybaby and a coward and substituted him off at half time? Ramos thought that was out of order so in the second half he went out with Özil’s shirt on under his own – you could see the number 10 through it. He said if he scored he was going to take his own shirt off and dedicate it to Özil :laughing:


Yeah, have to say, one thing I don’t hate Ramos for. he also was reported to say something really funny about Mourinho’s lack of playing ability during the 12-13 season when everything went to shit and the dressing room was against him, can’t remember what it was exactly but something like why don’t you put your boots on mou, so we can all have a good laugh, oh, that’s right, you can’t play football for shit.

I agree though @InvincibleDB10 , as a former student of the psychology profession (! :wink: :grimacing: ), I don’t think it’d be much of a stretch to suggest that Mourinho has some kind of mental illness (BPD probably, bad case of narcissism at the best), and no one does him any favours just giving him a free pass for all this shit and then later saying, “ho ho, that’s Mourinho!” or worse, as @Craigie said, the media for like ten years making it out that every time he threw a fit it was him doing Jedi mind tricks to help the team.


I heard something a few months ago probably on BT where a United pundit (Scholes or someone) said that Ferguson used to dig out players that had had a reasonable half because he didn’t want to do it to a player that had had a bad half but could collapse. So if Carrick had been giving the ball away, he’d start laying into Scholes for giving the ball away knowing that Scholes could take it and would tell him to fuck off and maybe go and play better second half, but also knowing that Carrick would get the benefit of the bitching about midfielders giving the ball away without it being directed at him.

Whatever that was, Mourinho has really just done the opposite with Shaw to the point it looks like he has some kind of personal beef with him rather than anything professional. If he’s trying to get a reaction from him, it’s not working and it’s not worked for nearly two years now. He’s a squad player. It’d be like Wenger continually going on about how shit Elneny is.

That game where Mourinho basically said I was his brain and I was telling him everything to do on the touchline was when it crossed the line. He was basically saying he’s an incompetent fullback but if that’s the case I really don’t understand why he keeps making the squad. Plenty of teams have shoved in some kid at fullback or some midfielder and they’ve done a competent job. Why does is he anywhere near the team if he’s that shit?


Maybe because, except for the periods his and Guardiola’s paths crossed, players have been very succesful with him?


Seems like he tries the tough love approach (and might not know another?), but not every player is susceptible for that.


Nothing wrong with tough love, I’d gladly see more of it here but it doesn’t work on everyone and when it has not provoked a reaction for two years it comes to a point where it’s just unprofessional.


Because like any bully he picks on the weak, you don’t see him fucking about with Ibrah or Terry. He probably picks on someone the other bully doesn’t like to get group approval


Because they do love him and his antics :xhaka:. He always makes the media headlines.


It definitely seems so or he is just making him an example.
Mourinho joined in 2016 and on September, he started criticising Shaw who just came from a tibia fracture(double fracture - broken leg).
It takes 3 matches for Mourinho to lay into him because Shaw made a mistake in a match United lost 3-1. Later reports confirmed that Shaw got injured moments before his mistake.

I don’t know Luke Shaw as a person but come on you give a player who has just recovered from a broken leg, some time.