Manchester United thread


He’ll always have Duncan Castles on side though


Can’t remember if I posted this at the time, but this is fairly interesting. Bit often you’d see a journalist asked or answering these kinds of questions


Could it be that Mourinho is so desperate to rub Sanchez transfer into Wenger that he continues to play him despite lack of form?


Its what we do with Xhaka.


No I think he was just convinced that he’d signed one of the world’s top players and was assuming that at some stage he’d just start scoring hattricks and make him look good. I think the only thing they were desperate to do was nick a player from under City’s nose and to close the gap on them.

I know people are talking about it but I don’t think enough is being made of just how bad this situation is. You sign a guy in his “prime”, make him one of the top 5-10 paid players in Europe and he does absolutely nothing for 2 months. It’s still early days but if he doesn’t improve this could be among the worst transfers ever.



I hope that’s how it pans out.


He’ll come good so people should enjoy it whilst it lasts IMO, it’s amusing to see him struggling as playing in a Jose team is no one’s idea of fun and he should’ve known that.

A summer off with no World Cup and United making a signing or two he’ll be raring to go next season. Don’t see him having a Torres-esque decline, especially with no significant injuries suffered.


I thought that when they signed him but I’m slowly considering that maybe he’ll just flop. Being good isn’t good enough, he’s a superstar so for him to provide any kind of return for 400k a week he needs to be winning games on his own and getting 15-20 goals in the league.

In the right setup you could imagine him getting 20 and Lukaku getting 30 and in that case they’d be sorted and that would cover up a lot of holes. I’m not sure if Mourinho looks like the man to do that though but we’ll see.


Surely Mou leaves the club before Sanchez does. The sulky Chilean is too good to flop in the mid to long term


There’s a chance of that sure but at this stage I think an unlikely one, if anything he’s totally a Jose player especially with the constant running and defending from the front.

He’ll shine for them whether it’s under Jose or another manager, if ten games into next season it’s more of the same I may start to believe but for now he’s in terrible form and come to team that’s playing like shit under a manager who can’t fit the pieces together and doesn’t even know his best XI.

Funny stuff.


Veron struggled at United, so did Forlan, Falcao and Do Maria.

I know they’re different players under different circumstances but it’s not like it’s impossible for Alexis to be a flop.

Better players than him have come here and not been a success.


Di Maria struggled to accilmatise but mostly wasn’t a fan of LVG’s tactics, he actually did well intially. Falcao was not ready to start at a top club because of his past injuries, he needed to play in a team with no pressure. The moves to Chelsea and United came too soon.

I don’t see him flopping at United, it’s possible but very unlikely, it’s not like he’s coming from another country he’s been one of the best players in the league for years and so more than capable of figuring it out.


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So true.



Lost the dressing room again. Typical Moaninho. Never change.


His public treatment of Luke Shaw is disgusting. I’d fucking hate to have Mourinho coaching my club for that reason alone.


With Real it was Casillas, with Chelsea it was Mata.
I think it is just his tactics to emphasise who is the boss here


Maybe Shaw is a fat lazy cunt not fit for a big club like United? (Pure speculation).

There’s always two sides.


It would be just terrific if the same happened to him against Guardiola as what happened during their Barcelona/Real stint; 2nd every year.


This is no defence off Mourinho as his Man management has been disgraceful - but Shaw has come under a lot of criticism from more than one manager now.