Manchester United thread


All my United supporting friends understandably getting annoyed with Mourinho and his style of football/press conference rambling. What exactly did they expect? They knew what they were getting before he joined them, he’s been exactly the same at every club he’s managed.


There was a lot of misguided bollocks spouted by United fans at the time Mourinho joined mostly along the lines that “the United job will change him” etc.

No club is bigger than Mourinho in Mourinho’s eyes. Obsessed with his own achievements and chats complete hypocritical shite to justify his failings.

I’m starting to think that, much like Wenger (although not to the same extent obviously), his tactics / approach to the game are starting to become outdated.


I reckon their reasoning was ‘Chavski, Porto etc they are all minnows compared to us we are the biggest biggest most gigantic club in the entire fucking world no way would he do what he does with those small clubs to us because we are MANCHESTER UNITED, he will be awe of working for such a huge special club he will come to work each day knowing he is in a special place and will be humbled by us GGMU!’

fucking deluded wasters.


He’s been on the decline for a while but it was a slow decline similar to Wenger’s in a way, he’s clearly a spent force in Europe that’s for sure.

His typical method to win the league by going away from home to the top teams and simply not losing, being satisfied with a draw and then thinking “if we beat everyone else” is not going to work in a league that is now so competitive with regards to the other top teams.

Then there’s the fact he’s woeful in terms of coaching attacking play, he’s had an adverse effect on the likes of Rashford and Martial. It’s ironic that for such a rich team United are so very poor on the pitch.

To see Mourinho give these kind of press conferences and pathetic justifications shows how far he’s fallen, he hasn’t been “special” for a while and these young managers such as Poch, Klopp et al are putting him to shame stylistically. United essentially pressed the panic button when Pep joined city and it’s inevitable this will all end in tears.



That’s what makes it delicious. When Moyes took over they rejected Mourinho because he wasn’t “a Manchester United manager”, then they had to go crawling back because he was the best they could find so none of them liked him they just had to pretend they did.

What’s ironic for me is he was probably exactly what they needed at that point too. I imagine he would have signed Fabregas instead of talking about signing Fabregas and he wouldn’t have spent the rest of the summer chasing Fellaini and Baines.


I actually don’t really think he is in decline, at least not a huge amount.

He is still capable of putting on tactical masterclasses, like against Liverpool lol.

Just think he isn’t really suited to these huge clubs like real Madrid and Manchester United, Bayern, Barcelona etc. And I suppose what Abramovich wants Chelsea to be.

His best success came with Porto and Inter, clubs who weren’t quite at that huge elite level, so they were fine with his negative tactics if it meant considerable success.

Same with Chelsea when they started out, they were happy with the success no matter how it was produced.

But now Chelsea and your Real Madrid’s, United’s etc require winning but also a certain mentality - i.e. not one that has you cowering in fear of the likes of Sevilla, and playing negative football in every half important game.

If PSG are willing to sacrifice attacking play for a CL then maybe he could do something there but I dunno, think he should go to one of those clubs again.

Maybe Atletico when Simeone goes lol.


Most of his success came when he had the best team in the league.
Almost every other time, he faced competition he has been seen finding excuses.


In my view that wasn’t a tactical masterclass against Liverpool, sure they played well but it was Liverpool’s typical failings rearing their head yet again that decided the game, two very opportunistic goals because Lovern is a terrible defender. Liverpool should have had at least one pen too.

You can’t aim to draw away from home against all the top teams and win league it’s simply not going to happen in this current climate of competition, just like Wenger Mourinho will not evolve he is what he is and his methods worked plenty in the past but they’ve been rendered ineffective and lacklustre today.

What truly demonstrates his decline is his record in Europe in recent years, even back when he was at Real and they played United they were going out until Nani got sent off. Being dumped out against Sevilla shows he’s a spent force, if he doesn’t win the league next season then he’s truly done and I don’t see it happening.


I agree.
He’s starting to look like a manager that’s run out of new ideas.

Al;though most of his ideas involved outspending every other club, and buying all the best players, while playing boring but effective football.

His arrogance and lack of modesty mean that he is also very unlikable, which makes it more difficult for him to get any sympathy from the supporters.


Let’s hope Ivan and the boys don’t have a brain fart and the cunt ends up here.


Literally zero chance of that happening imo


great innit,rather eat out of a cats litter tray than have that worzel gummidge look alike here.


His 2 Champions League titles have come with Porto and Inter though to his defence.


Porto was a weird one but they did have one of the easier routes to victory (although still remarkable).

But at Inter he had Etoo, Milito, Sneijder, Maicon, Zanetti, Lucio, Motta, Cambiasso, etc. pretty much all in their prime (except Zanetti though im not sure he really had a “prime”) so it’s not like it was a team that shouldn’t be competing.


All I remember is his Inter Milan team sitting in their own half for 90 minutes at the Camp Nou from that 2010 Champions League…

Amazed that some United fans are surprised at what they’re getting with him, it’s in his DNA.


Fuck Wayne Bridge


fuck us for being unbeaten against chelsea 4 times that season, except the 1 that was most important!!!

Raging at that missed opportunity.


So stoked for the 3rd season meltdown lads


Correct we should have won the 2004 CL without a doubt.


I tend to not watch this shit as I don’t really value the opinions of most of the journalists they stick on it but it looks like the media has completely given up on Mourinho and his bollocks. A big part of his magic was his playing of the media and making them think every piece of shit he said was some clever jedi mind trick to do something to his team or to the opposition but I think it’s clear that he’s just a dick.