Manchester United thread


Nope, not Alexis. El Cunto Maureen has been steadily working at this since day one. Alexis just gets an assist on this.


Why didn’t they just give him to us ffs.


Mourinho is toxic and almost without fail leaves every club under a dark cloud.

Would be shocked if he lasts until 2020 especially if they don’t win the league next season and in the context of how much money they’ve spent to date and probably will again this summer.

Even before Sanchez, their squad was very good. Alienating the likes of Pogba, Martial and Rashford is just terrible management given that these players should be the backbone of their squad for years to come.


In terms of Rashford and Martial they aren’t doing quite enough but it’s no surprise that this is occurring under Jose.

They would be totally different players under Pep, Poch , Klopp etc. Rashford in particular has regressed and he really needs to consider going out on loan or something but it’s unlikely to happen.

Seems Jose is on self-destruct earlier than he normally does, imploding at the 2nd season is new for him normally goes tits up in the 3rd. Three years without the title could easily turn into five.


Does the etc include Wenger? :gabriel:


I think even Wenger would get better stuff out of Martial and Pogba.

I want to know why they were so against giving us Martial for Alexis if he was gonna replace him in the end anyways :joy:


Honestly they’d love it here, they would win sweet FA but they’d have all the freedom they like.

I don’t think United would let Jose sell Martial, at least not at that point.

He’ll probably end up extending but as long as Jose is there he won’t be totally happy, if Jose stays eventually I can see one of either Rashford or Martial moving on and it’ll probably be Martial even though he’s the better player IMO.


Tbh what will happen is both will stay and Mourinho will get his typical third season sacking.

Looool and United fans thought it was gonna be different this time. I suppose it was, no 2nd season league win :arteta:


I don’t see them winning it next season either too, gonna be a quite the wait for that next PL title.

Them joining us on a barren run is one of the few instances I’d love to join them in anything.


Says he is going spurs though looool

Only way he goes there is through some deal for Kane.
Come to papa Anthony. Should have come here in the first place like your boy :mkhi:

Speaking of, get on the fucking line Mkhi and tell him how good it is here, where you can do and play whatever the fuck you want. The manager doesn’t give a shit.


Reading the last several replies to this thread is good stuff. Would love to see a Jose/Chavs style collapse next season where the players just get fed up and quit on him.

Man U deserves it.:campbell:


Good lad.

Hope they shat all over him, especially in his mouth.


Baz speaking the truth yet again. Right on Brexit, right on this





My mate from Manchester is looking recommendations for a holiday abroad…

…I replied “You can’t beat Sevilla this time of year!”


Mourinho never stops talking