Manchester United thread


You might want to wait to comment on Man United until later, otherwise it’ll get lost in this erm not so interesting Snowflake debate :grin:


To play devils advocate, Wenger’s management style doesn’t work nowadays because he is a typical Baby Boomer, out of touch and well past his best, but with considerable power because of past feats.

However his lead addled brain means he doesn’t realise that and is unwilling to let go of his power, meanwhile he is filthing everything up.


The video you posted has little to do with your claim


I don’t much care about whatever each generation is or does. Jose and his players are different generations, but they’re still under the universal banner of cunts. Implode, you cunts!

Much better chance now that the top cunt has signed up for another stint.


The video focuses on the depression aspecct but it mentions the entitlement and instant gratification sides of it as well, which would probably more applicable here.


José getting proper angry!

The longer you spend denying it, the more we’ll think it’s true Mou… :sunglasses:


Mourinho showing his total lack of self awareness, by him calling someone else a liar.

Anyone who wasn’t aware of a problem with Pogba sure is now, thanks to Mourinho’s big mouth and persecution complex.


ooohhh trouble in paradise huh :henry2: wonder how things are gonna develop especially now Sanchez is there and he is not firing on all cylinders, something tells me things arent great in the dressing room already.


Not sure what to make of all this. Rumours suggesting the whole issue is about a 3 man midfield dispute.

If I had pogba in my 11. Damn straight I’d be sitting up with a 3 man midfield. Utd have enough attacking talent in the forward line to be effective. Not sure if it’s enough to negate mourinho’s negative football tho


Yeah, the reports seem to suggest that Pogba only wants to play on the left of a three-man midfield and he doesn’t want to do any defending. But having to accommodate Sanchez means Pogba is sometimes pushed slightly deeper and José expects him to chip in with the defensive work.

It makes sense that he wants the team to play to his strengths, but at the same time he can’t expect to be pandered to in every single match. He’s supposed to be world class. World class players don’t need everything to be exactly right/perfect in order to perform well.

“Sorry, the grass is only 3 cm tall, I can only perform well if it’s at 4cm”


World class fucking snowflake.


Is it me or signing Sanchez is starting to destroy their dressing room? :henry2:


He has to play in a 3 playing in a 2 at least right now is not going to work.

Demonstrates how much Pogba is overrated, he’s a big talent but he’s not up there with the best CM’s in world football, world class midfielders are incredibly adaptable. Put KDB in a two and he’s giving you a hell of a lot more, Eriksen too is giving you more productivity and consistency in that role.

The same issue exists for France, if they just play him and Kante in the midfield they won’t have a great tournament at the world cup.


Some do, Ozil, Zidane, Veron. Heck even Bergkamp flopped because of Inter’s defensive tactics.

I’m reminded by that Euro final were Pogba sat deep and looked less talented than Sissoko.


Or is it a case of Mourinho’s tactics ruining another attacking player? I’m pretty sure Pogba would be a different player if you put him in that Guardiola’s City with movement and runs all around him


Mourinho has done a good job directing the media’s attention to Pogba and his form whilst his team continues to have issues he’s struggling to solve.

They’re fortunate to have the defensive record and position in the table they do, they’re not much better than us if at all.


For me the main difference between them and Liverpool/Chelsea/Tottenham is De Gea.


Yup. By some xG models they are actually slightly behind us. They’re going to end up fighting to the end with Chelsea for 4th, and I don’t see them going anywhere in the UCL.

Can Mourinho’s ego take it if they finish out of the Champions League while his main rival Pep has a brilliant season? I don’t think so. I feel like he will only stay if he can claim the season as a successful building year and if he honestly believes they can challenge the next year. Otherwise, he will force his way out of town rather than suffer another embarrassing year. That contract extension hasn’t been signed yet and if Emery doesn’t turn the Madrid result around (he may even need to win the whole thing) the PSG job will surely be open in the summer.


Fabregas played with absolute shitter’s like Denilson and Song and he didn’t moan like Pogba.

Pogba should quit moaning


I would go even further and say that he isn’t close to world class as a 10 either. He doesn’t have the instincts and movement skills to play between the lines and be the primary creator. The only way you get the most out of his talent is in a three man midfield with the right players around him, like at Juve.