Manchester United thread


Tears in my eyes, the man is pure poison :joy:


Jose is a cunt, pure and simple. This United thing won’t end well lmao. Jose should just manage Portugal where his cuntiness comes into play every 2 years instead of constantly. Players hate him, they’ve gone so far as to sabotage him before, I’m sure they’ll do it again.

On a different note, I sympathize with Jose. Only because players have far too much power nowadays, and couple that with the fact that they are all snowflake millenials, it’s become a huge issue imo. When you are a big boy like Pogba and you sign a contract, you need to show up day in day out as a professional, and do ur fucking job. Getting paid millions and he’s gonna go after the manager publicly what a shambles.

I believe this is one of the biggest reasons Wenger’s Arsenal have failed in the past 15 years. Players are not pro’s anymore. They are spoiled little children, cunts the lot of them. Wenger’s management style doesn’t work for a bunch of cunts who can’t self police themselves. Nowadays you do have to be a cunt like Mourinho. You’ll win ur title, couple more trophies maybe, and when the players get tired of being held accountable they’ll turn on you and get u fired. It’s this generation I tells ya.


Especially in this context, snowflake and millennial are just empty buzzwords.

Lo and behold, by the time I reach the third paragraph it turns out it’s just another lazy defence of Wenger.


Hardly. This is a work place, a profession for these people. Millenials are infamous for having issues dealing in the real world. Being a football player doesn’t change that, in fact with the kind of money coming to these younger people it probably only compounds the issues millenials have.


It’s this “millenials are this and that” rubbish which is so lazy. Stereotyping a whole generation based on the perceived actions of individuals is just stupid frankly.

How old are you anyway? What generation do you belong to?


It’s not a one size fits all it never is, however it’s not a stereotype, it’s pretty well documented why there’s an issue. I dunno what i am, in between millenial and gen X.


It is literally a stereotype.

Btw I’m pretty sure you are a millenial.


There’s a generation in between the two called Xennial, dumb name but that’s what I would identify with more than anything.


That article you posted (and have since removed?) actually says that millenials are disregarding their mental health and general well being, in favour of working harder and pushing on regardless. Hardly fits with the lazy stereotype of them being snowflakes overly concerned with their feelings.

This is what I mean, you just regurgitate soundbites and promote lazy narratives.



Your posting like a yer da. Back in my day…:joy:


Last link you posted didn’t work out so well, so here’s a new one.

I’m not watching that, I don’t have the time as I’m about to start work, out in the big bad scary real world.


Nothing new. When you put too many big egos in a club that’s what happens. It is getting worse and worse with Sanchez now.


I never said lazy tbh, and I took the link down because it was just a big block of text, the video is short and lays out the issues at hand quite nicely. Lmao lools like your taking it as a personal attack thus the dismissive tone. Well Jakey, maybe you can’t relate but a good chunk of your generation can. Besides who’s to say that the millenial way of working isn’t actually better? They’ve got a good point about a lot of things, but the convergence of their ideas and feelings, with the older generation’s, is causing the issue.


I didn’t say you did. I was calling your stereotyping lazy

Well the dismissive way you’ve been speaking about millenials heavily implies that you dont think it is better.

If I speak out about stereotyping or dismissing an ethnic group or women I’m an SJW or white knight, if it’s a group I belong to then I’m taking it as a personal attack. Turns out whatever I say my point will often just be casually dismissed.

Perhaps it has nothing to do with me being a millenial and more to do with me actually thinking that ascribing values or behaviours to groups containing millions or billions of people is just silly and lazy, thus responding with a dismissive tone.


Jakey getting worked up on usage of words like snowflake is most snowflakey thing you would see.


So are you saying that there’s absolutely no issues with millenials in the work force? Companies are just freaking out about how to keep the millenial worker happy when in reality there’s nothing, kinda like a nothing to see here move along type deal?


That’s great news, especially as Mourinho has just signed a new deal.
Imagine going into training and seeing your to highest paid players sulking in the corner.
He is going to alienate the players he has assembled at Man U, like he did at Chelsea.




Get to work u lazy millenial bastard. :grin: