Manchester United thread


And where does Iwobi fit in the top 10?


He will do well if he makes the top 10 list of Arsenal midfielders.


40 places ahead of Joe Cole


Somewhere behind Robert Pires :heart_eyes:


Another team who will probably end up trophyless, but Redcafe like to make a mockery of us lol! Pathetic cunts.


I’m not sure I really care too much about Redcafe today or ever lol

They are doing well in the league, are still in the FA cup and Champions League. I’d trade that with our season any day.


Who cares what redcafe says ever. Luca you may like reading it but the rest of us don’t give a fuck what they think


We are still in the Europa League and the Capital One Cup, tbh. Not saying we are winning both, but think we have a better chance than Manure.


We definitely have a better chance than united of winning those particular trophies this season.


Can see united winning the fa cup


No chance. It’s going to Shitty for sure.


The Europe League has been insanely boring so far and odds are we’ll drop out against the first decent opponent we face and the League Cup has only really won of importance because we’ve been shit in everything else. It’s not like we’d care one bit about the LC if this was a normal season.


A trophy is always a trophy and i have always wanted to win the League Cup where our record is pretty poor.


Perish in flames with us fuckers!


They are still 2nd Luca while we’re comfortably 6th.


Doesnt feel too comfy for me :gabriel:



So? I take pleasure in their failure. Can’t i?


You can and I wanted them to lose aswell but saying stuff like “perish in hell with us” is really stupid when they’re no where near the state we are in and are 4 positions above us


I don’t care :smile:. Hate them.