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The absolute state of this


well to be fair he didn’t say he would do as good a job as Iniesta.

On that note, Where does Iniesta lie in league of all time footballers?


I had to google the guy who said this. He was a coach at Manchester United until just a few years ago, which is hardly a suprise. This is from the full article

‘I saw so many similarities in their games, and I always believed that Jesse was the English Andres Iniesta,’ Meulensteen told Bleacher Report.

'Like Iniesta, he finds these pockets of space, he is always on the move and has very good feet. The only thing missing until recently was goals, but now Jesse is scoring important goals too.

‘In my opinion, you could fly Jesse to Barcelona, let him play in Iniesta’s position, and he would comfortably be able to do it and fit in. And he does it in the Premier League, which is more difficult than La Liga, so that is a credit to Jesse.’

I’m not even sure where to start on what this guy says, but I knew a man of his intellect would make this claim based on his view that the premier league is more diffciult than La Liga.

@Trion I think based on the original quote, and the full interview he gave, he’s certianly implying he could do exactly what Iniesta does at Barcelona. As for your second point, I’m not much a fan of rating players from different generations but he’d be in my all time XI


Oh I was being sarcastic. It was clearly implied.


Wasn’t he the guy that fell out with Moyes or something when he joined Man United, managed Fulham and they did shit?

On Iniesta, best AM i have seen play football.

It goes

  1. Iniesta
  2. Zidane
  3. Fabregas
  4. Kaka
  5. Ozil


I’ll casually assume you never saw for example Maradona or Ronaldinho play then ^^


Or Michael Laudrup :wink:


Too young for maradona, consider Ronaldinho to be more of a forward, to be compared with Messi Ronaldo etc.

So he shows up on another of my lists dw


United fans are so bitter about Auba and Mhki playing so well for us in their first game together lol!


Well you would be. I can’t say I watched every minute of every United game he featured in but I’d be surprised if he had many performances as good as or better than that one (even though Everton were dogpiss) in his 18 months as a United player.

If Alexis got 3 assists and was deserved MOTM in a 5-1 win in his first start we’d be pissed.


If we keep it football related; why do players from everywhere in the world come to Europe? We currently have an Argentinian, Costarican and Japanese player out on loan.


Don’t really want to dredge this up again - all I’ll say is that my explicit focus was on African Nations in particular


I think my question was fairly simple. Another simple one; why should there be a distinction between African footballers and footballers from elsewhere anyway?


There should be a distinction because grass roots football in many prominant African nations is completely non existent. Domestic football is shunned in favour of a foreign product that bares no yield for Africans.

The Focus was on Africa, other places my have their issues, I don’t deny that but that wasn’t my focus. It wasn’t a matter of creating a distinction between African footballers and everybody else


How do you know for a fact it’s non-existent? The football infrastructure might not be as good as the European infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.


When I say non-existent I mean minimal. i.e. No tangible domestic football system in place with upward growth.

If you want to work on the infrastructure it has to start from the grass roots. That means the people who tune into the Premier league every week have to invest time into thier domestic football.

There’s no investment from TV companies because there’s zero interest in domestic football.


:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:

So some United fans on redcafe weren’t happy about Martin Keown’s commentary in the united Vs Yeovil FA Cup match. Apparently he wasn’t nice about Alexis (shock horror former Arsenal player didn’t appreciate what he did).

So they wrote a letter of complaint to the BBC about it!!!

Keown’s actually had Alexis as man of the match!



Imagine actually writing to the BBC because you didn’t like the things one of the commentators said. And they say Liverpool fans are easily offended :laughing:

What pathetic cunts


In my lifetime of being cognisant about football, which I’ll generously say is from 1994 onwards, he’d rank in the top ten. Fuck knows the exact order but he is in the very elite bracket for sure.

Pivotal component in record breaking club and national teams, but also scoring a winner in a World Cup final is the absolute pinnacle of achievement. Overshadowed by Messi at club level obviously but his intelligence, first touch and close dribbling is legendary.