Manchester United thread


I dont think there are worse more entitled fans out there than these fuckers i cant stand them.

Any time any other teams come close to winning a match against them or god forbid the title its ‘ooohhhhh anyone but us #abu’ and then there is the GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED…like they are some sorta larger than life cult, just fuck right off you cringe worthy creepy lizards!


Main reason I didn’t want Alexis there were their London fans tbh.


Tell me about it. I mean, look at this tweet:

The two managers he is having a pop at – one won the league last season, and the other is winning it this season.

Also saw someone bragging about Man United’s Alexis announcement getting more retweets than our Mkhitaryan tweet and Man City’s one confirming KDB’s new contract. Retweet champions.


Rather than, GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED, their supporters are just glory hunters.
Their club is built on casual support by people who like to brag about being a Man U supporter only after they have won something.

Effectively, all he is bragging about is Man U being able to throw more money at a player than their rivals.

We’ll see how much Man City miss not getting Sanchez when they win the PL, and there is infighting between Sanchez and his new team mates, who are jealous of him earning far more than they do.


There is a thread on Redcafe called “Wilshere and Ozil to United”.

The portuguese parrot clearly wants to unsettle us, the fucking fucker.


Red Cafe is the last website in the world I’d want to visit at the moment. Their annoying, gloating, arrogant fans would drive me crazy


I asked the fuckers if they wanted the Emirates as well :xhaka:


None of us care what’s happening on red cafe. Unless its something we can laugh at them over.


I don’t understand why you spend so much time on other teams forums when they wind you up so much.

Surely you must be a bit of a laughing stock at these forums if you have similar outbursts there as you do on here. At least here we support the same team as you but I can’t imagine what you deal with on blue moon and red cafe and others.


Well, i love football so want to share my opinion with the others. That’s all.


I should join with u and troll the fuck out of those cunts.


Those red cafe fools have a thread called arsenal hunters turned hunted :man_facepalming:t5:


3 weeks? Not a bad lifetime of a NY’s resolution. :slight_smile:


Yeah, the fucking state of these cunts.


Your that’s all is bit much actually.
I doubt I will ever find more passionate football fan.


Haha I’d pay to see that. You’d last like 2 days before you get banned.


Nothing wrong with being on other teams forums.


The piccy of Sven that a4tt has makes him look like a homeless man.


Lol whattt?? Can’t believe I’m actually reading this. It’s the other way around, the western world/first world north of the equator basically takes everything useful from Africa, impoverishing it and offering very little in return.

Basically this is Africa to the first world:


Right and they’ve been doing that every season since SAF left. Dimaria, Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Lukaku, Mata etc etc. Alexis isn’t necessarily better than those players so he alone isn’t going to transform them.

Personally I was jealous of Mkhitaryan, Depay, Herrera, Schneiderlin as signings. But they haven’t developed an elite footballing system despite spending elite footballing money. They’ve clearly wasted many very good players imo