Manchester United thread


Honestly if you guys think this is cunty behavior don’t bother ever watching the NBA.


That video of them dancing reminds me of the stupid kind of shit that “celebrity” YouTubers would do in the feeble attempts of starting a new fad like “dabbing” or “planking”.


Football fans on Twitter for you…


To be fair, Busby was pre the Premier League so he doesn’t come under proper football. Can see why that fan didn’t care.


Damn. That triggered me bad. Nice work.


Football existed before 1992??? Don’t believe you.

Who is this Busby guy? Bet he didn’t even win the European cup. Can’t be a patch on Mourinho tho so understand why that fan said what he said.


That guy is from Nigeria like he gives a fuck about their history. Just a glory hunter


Is that just Nigerians or do you extend that to all foreigners supporting English teams?

You’re Scottish, what’s your reason for supporting Arsenal? Lol


Didn’t have a team when I was getting into football so started getting into the team an old primary school friend supported as he had family in London.

Not being funny but the africans and arabs on twitter who support the big english teams just seem a bit idiotic specially when the PL do the rainbow laces stuff.


I am with you but I also think there is a lot of cultural aspect to it.
Fans I know who are starting to follow football or have passion for football but not the off the pitch stuff; they tend to be in the moment kind of fans. don’t care about history and all.


That’s culture and religion at work though. It has nothing to do with them being glory hunters lol.


I don’t know about other places but I think it’s pathetic to see Africans in general supporting English clubs. It’s a bit sad to see how attached they are to what is essentially a western product.

It just adds to the idea that African import everything useful and enjoyable but export nothing.


I see nothing wrong with it at all. The premier league is essentially a global product now, and despite the breakdown in some traditional elements of the English game it has become a lot more entertaining as a result. As for the export thing, currently the best player in the premier league is from Africa, plus we’ve had a host of African players who have improved our team and league immensely.

I don’t feel comfortable criticising foreign fans as it’s incredibly difficult to follow a team abroad, never mind in another continent. I follow Spanish football alot and that’s honestly difficult enough despite the reduced barriers.

The Twitter thing did annoy me though. It’s fine to an extent to not know about former players and managers, but just don’t be ignorant about it.




There’s a lot that Africans can say about the West’s involvement there to explain the situation today. The Premier League is a global product. If we were in their shoes and we liked football our only option week to week would be to follow foreign leagues. Your comments are quite ignorant and a bit entitled tbh.


Apart from some of the world’s best players.


Well they exported our species. It ain’t Coca-Cola but that has to count for something?


Premier League is a global product.
It’s not like they are passionate about football played by 22 Englishmen for it to be weird.

I watch it because football is best sport imo and PL gives me the best version of the game.
Also some fans like certain players. Chileans like Sanchez, there will be few Armenian fans who would like Arsenal because Mkhitaryan joined Arsenal.
Arsenal have a good Irish base because of Irish players in Arsenal history and so on.


@will24 - I don’t think the EPL is a global product. It’s an English product with global appeal, there a big difference there but it’s a point I have no issue with nor is it the main focus of my post.

The comment which sparked my post concerned a sub Saharan African and that who my post was directed at. I generally draw a clear distinction between North Africans and sub Saharan Africans (which is separate issue altogether depending on your view)

Salah is only African in a geopolitical sense. Throughout history there’s been a massive divide in culture, history, politics, ethnicity, economic development and western perception between the two. I’d easily argue that the problems face by sub Saharan Africans in the modern world are completely different to North Africans.

My comments aren’t aimed at followers of foreign football in general just sub Saharan Africans in relation to English football.

My main gripe is why African footballers need to be an export to enrich the EPL? It’s a false perception to parade a handful of successful African EPL footballers as a success when grassroots football in Africa is nonexistent.

The export thing transcends sport. This is just a small example of a general talent drain from African nations to the West that happens across many other sectors vitally important to African pride and economic development.

The problems is why should foreign leagues a continent away be the only option for African football fans? Africans have no connection nor allegiance with English clubs. Top English clubs see Africans as nothing more than an opportunity to capitalize and create more wealth for themselves.

Every Arsenal, Chelsea, United fan in Africa is a sucker who continues to add wealth to entities who care nothing about them at the expense of tangible growth in their own domestic football league.

My comments are neither ignorant nor entitled, it’s a very valid view most people struggle to understand. Africa isn’t going to sleep walk into prosperity, it requires critical thought and hard to confront truths.

The worlds best African players to date, almost to a man, received majority of their critical footballing education in Europe. That is certainly not an export to be proud of because it highlights the complete and total lack of actual structure in place for Africans to successful IN Africa educated by African coaches.

Some of the world’s best African players to date, almost to a man, have also been severely and consistently racially abused and discriminated against in Europe. Some legacy

These successes you tout aren’t homegrown because they haven’t received a distinctly African footballing education. The concept of a distinct African footballing identity is non existence because the people at the grassroots who can spark such developments are too busy dedicating their lives to following top English clubs whilst they’re seen as nonentity by English fans and clubs alike. It’s a totally unfair power exchange that place Africa at the bottom and the west on top.

Africa is a nation of football lovers, it’s without a question the undisputed number one sport. It’s a massive shame that talented African footballers only retort for tangible success is to flee abroad.


Fans are getting so cocky that it’s almost as if them finishing behind us every season since SAF left, and winning the same number of trophies hasn’t happened.

Unbearable little shits.