Manchester United thread


Well, he could have asked to leave like Sanchez did if he hadn’t really given a fuck about us.


I’d love to agree with you about Wenger making him a better player, but Guidolin and Bielsa are his biggest influences, they made him a better player especially the latter. There’s a core of Chileans that won everything and they’ve all got the same fighting spirit, absolutely nothing of alexis’ talents is to do with Wenger whatsoever.


Another banter comment GG :grin:


Well he is a local & does go to stadium to watch the matches, like a real fan should.


Sanchez is going to fit right in up there…


God, what an annoying bunch of cunts.

Roy Keane would have flown down the corridor and two footed all three of them at once



I don’t see what’s wrong with it tbf? :joy:

Just a couple of lads in their 20’s having a laugh.


You’ll probably get it when you’re no longer in your 20s :wink:




Fucking hell it must be really hard to support a club with those dickheads playing for you


Lingard is only good at banging big fake boobs girls.


You mean a couple of mega rich 20 yr olds doing the job they love and enjoying the life. Some bitter people in here :smirk:


Just because you find something shit and annoying it doesn’t make you bitter MM lol

If it was just down to bitterness we’d be calling every footballer an annoying cunt, but we reserve that title for special cases :slightly_smiling_face:


It doesn’t take a lot to keep the current generation entertained.


I like those guys, a lot better than the cunts they had when I first started watching football.




They’re just having fun, don’t see why Pogba should act boring


Bad boys running wild :wink: