Manchester United thread


I like skinny/athletic/slender girls too, but sizeable thighs and bums are kinda my type as well. Lingard’s girlfriend is hot imo, was rather surprised by all the negative reactions haha. Whereas the woman he cheated on her with :flushed:

I’d post pictures of a more attractive woman I’d been with than her to prove it’s ok for me to say that but I’m not weird like @AbouCuellar




Lol it’s a charge I don’t deny. But if I hadn’t done it he would’ve gave the same line tonjakey so I took one for the team.

Yeah, not into that at all, in fact I genuinely don’t get it, that is, I find it to be a huge turn off rather than a positive. (As you can probably imagine from our previous discussion :joy: ) But to each his own, we all have our different tastes.



Jose Mourinho is close to signing a new contract with Manchester United, according to the Telegraph.

It is understood that Mourinho’s new deal will run until June 2021 with the option of a further 12 months, adding two years onto his current contract.


NOOOOOO! More years of this cunt :xhaka:


Nice. He’s finished anyway


Just shows how stupid the people at manu are. All they have done is set him up perfectly for a sacking and a huge payoff the fucking mugs. He does this every single time are they fucking blind. He is already showing signs of messing around like he does at all clubs, then makes the situation with players and staff untenable and then gets sacked with a pay off i cant believe how stupid they are.


Sanchez will revive him


well, next season is the Mourinho 3rd season special. We are still to see how that pans out.

Being genuinely objective Alexis will be great for them this season, and next season. Maybe the season after that. But the decline is coming. This feels very similar to the RVP situation.

If he wins them a league title before that then fair enough nobody will care and he will have been worth it.

But otherwise I can’t see them winning it with Pep around.

If Ozil fucking goes there to make their team the title challenging beasts they would then be, i’d be raging though :bellerin:


If they get Ozil as well as Sanchez for an outlay of about 20m, that would be the best bit of business he has ever done.


How could Wenger show his face anywhere if he pulls that one off?


Fucking Manure scums want Ozil as well just to wind us up. Fucking bastards! Get fucked!


To be fair, do you really want to keep players who doesn’t want to play for the club here? I don’t see as much passion in Ozil ever since he arrived. Always have the feeling he’s not as happy.

Buy and keep players who want to play for the club. Perhaps we might even one day get a sniff of the title with a team like Leicester…even though they are bunch of snakes.


I think he loves London and us. I see him different from Alexis the sneaky chilean. He clearly needs to play along good players and not deadwoods though.


Ozil is a real Arsenal fan, a world class player coming to Arsenal when we hadn’t won a trophy for 9 years and had world class players leaving is unthinkable, will always respect that. Alexis mainly came because the only competition we had for him was Liverpool, and he wasn’t really needed at Barca anymore. We kind of ended our banter years when he joined as we just won a trophy. He wasn’t world class when he joined. Arsenal done wonders for his career, Wenger especially developed him into a much better player. He should always be grateful to us


Sorry but Özil is not an arsenal fan.

He was. Alexis was brilliant at the World Cup and at Barca and Udinese

We thought they ended but they sadly haven’t from January 2017 the Banter Era returned stronger than ever :cry:


#yagunnersya :ozil2:


Ozil definitely has much more of an emotional attachment to Arsenal than Alexis did, he’s way more involved with the fans

I don’t believe Alexis was world class, his numbers for Barca were quite meh and they had won the CL the season before he signed and after they sold him


Lol. Now this is just sour grapes.

Alexis and Ozil are world class… We were lucky to have them. Shame on Arsene for not building a proper team around them.


You mean the guy Ozil pays to run his twitter?