Manchester United thread


As the saying goes, that’s why they make different flavors of ice cream.

While the first one isn’t ugly, I would think that a pro athlete could do better. Since I assume the point of posting some dickhead that plays for Manure girlfriend in a bikini is to impress us.


Those thunder thighs, massive hips, and fake tits :face_vomiting:


Impressing you is my life’s meaning to be honest.


Beggars can’t be choosers, bro :sunglasses:


She also looks like she should have a valve coming out of her connected to a foot pump.


Yea everyone on this thread is DEFINITELY pulling at a higher level. Definite.

(or maybe just virgins)


The first one is fine af. The second one I wouldn’t kick out of bed and I could sympathize with Lingard, Probably had been drinking and had his beer goggles on, it’s okay to ride a moped once in a while.

On a different note I actually like Lingard, Rashford, and Martial. I think united is actually a likeable team except for their manager obviously.


even Herrera? :gabriel:


This should be cause for a ban right here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This post had such a promising beginning.


It’s really not hard to pull at a higher level than that. Maybe you guys are just accustomed to uglier girls in England :wink: , kinda like accustomed to shitter football. :innocent:


The Girl Rule - Pix or STFU


This is a quote in a forum filled with people who likely never reached any decent level of footballing achievement yet regularly berate professional footballers.

There is a certain irony in it.


Mind you though there are quite a few players in Arsenal that i find it very hard to call them professional…or footballers, especially professional footballers!


He seems to like big boobs :thinking:


He’d like me then :rofl:




:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: he did well lol


Just because there’s something about you that makes me want to put you in your place, and because this line that always comes out any time we criticise a footballers’ bad taste is asinine:


I personally wouldn’t be with a woman who didn’t have thick thighs and a big bum and hips but that’s just my personal taste tbh