Manchester United thread


Thanks for everyone chiming in. I think what confuses me the most is that dab university video he did a few years ago. Made me really question everything.


Lingard seems like a late bloomer to me, will never be world class but he’s definitely improving and although he won’t be starting every week may turn into a good solid player for United and you need those at any top club.


Mourinho just can’t stand that Conte won the league with the same team who betrayed him the season before. That’s his problem with him.


That must have riled Mourinho so much. Same bunch who were flirting relegation with Mourinho went on to win PL pretty easy the season next.


Eden Hazard especially. José used to say “today we’re playing with 10” about him. Then as soon as Conte came in, “the rat” suddenly came to life again :speak_no_evil:


Yeah, Hazard was terrible under Mourinho in the 2015/16 season.


My guy Rashford


Lingard is a prat.


He is banging this tho.



Props for what lol having dough is instant naan for most of these footballers.


Yeah but he cheated on her with this:


Yeah being lauded for landing easy gold diggers.


Can’t blame him, bigger T&A and screams filth


Lads ffs if your gona post pics of good looking girls can you give a warning :joy: scrolling through this thread on my phone at lunch break in work and had to do a quick exit :joy:


Good news, neither is attractive–or did I miss the sarcasm?


I didn’t really get a chance to look tbf :joy: so just seen bikinis and quickly scrolled :joy:


Rather confused here too. Both are more chavvy than the girls you find outside a rave in Vallecas at 9 in the morning.


First one is attractive and I don’t judge personality based on looks. I’d much rather get to know the person first, honest. :sunglasses:

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First one looks like a user guide for cosmetic surgery.


Neither are my type either, to be honest.