Manchester United thread


“He lives in a fucking hotel”

He what? Let me get my protest candle.


Think Mourinho is turning into Alan Partridge. Lives in a hotel, wife and two kids don’t live with him, soon to be sacked. Sounds about right.



Happy New Year from your beloved fan!


Of course, Manure fans are celebrating. Dirty scumbag cocking cunts. Can’t wait 'til they got robbed, Pogba got injured for 1 year and Mourinho cries about him wanting to spend 1 bilions dollar to improve the team.


I do believe that United has a group of very talented players, specially in the attacking front that are simple mismanaged, Mourihno’s terrible man management and awful tactics are making them all look shite, rubbish but they actually have lots of talent upfront that we could snap up.

For example pogba looks awful everytime he plays, but i think is a matter of tactics.

I feel that Mou is expecting them to play by themselves rather than coaching them and getting the best out of them.


Think Martial would be good for us. Mourinho is clearly asking him to play in a role it isn’t suitable for him.


I agree, he would be a great replacement for Sanchez. No way they will sell him to us.


January swap deal it is :money_mouth_face:


Some justice after all. Now ban Mike Dean. Thanks.


Just fuck off


Clearly hinting at Wenger, the cry baby. The problem is that we haven’t seen such a big help.


Mourinho rotates more than any other manager anyway, so what’s his problem.
He talks as if he has to play more games than anyone else.

I like the way he says: “I won’t be making a complaint,” and then makes a complaint in front of the viewers on national TV.




Good film that as well fwiw




and that face :rofl:


I just can’t figure out if Jesse Lingard is a good player or is the type of player that thrives under a coach like Mou because he’s willing to take direction.

Either way, his continued success is really confusing.


To me, he is just a case he has been good this season. Overrated player.


Lingard’s a useful squad player. Smart enough to pick off the scraps of what the system has opened up for him. Stays in his lane and makes the best out of his limited ability without overreaching. Applies himself well and gets rewarded for it. He surely has a shelf life at a top club though. West Brom player in no time.