Manchester United thread


Such a tall striker who can’t defend to save his life a fucking set piece. So comical.


He had a really good game on Saturday actually, against Leicester. But then other weeks, he is getting outplayed by a bloody walking meme!

Someone said that when Lukaku plays, he often looks like he is wearing jeans :speak_no_evil:


Looks like Jose needs to make his way to the Arteta thread

“Manchester City buy full-backs for the price of strikers,” he added.

Yeah that £75m (+ addons) fullback is really doing the business for City :santi2:

He was definitely a talent at the time but 45m for Walker in 2017 is better business than £27m for Shaw in 2014 which is a price he was happy to pay.


Mourinho is a joke.
He complains about Man City spending, yet he is the manager that started the inflation in prices when he was at Chelsea.
He used to buy squad players for the same amount that would have broken nearly every other clubs transfer record.

His hypocrisy is astonishing.
I would love to see an interviewer pull him up on things like this when he comes out with them.


Mourinho always blames everyone bar himself when the things don’t go well for him. Nothing new from him.


Luke Shaw cost more than G. Jesus lol

Jose is finally seeing what it’s like when he isn’t the ritchest and can’t just buy his way out of it and is flapping


he will be gone soon probably to PSG hope the fucking scummer never ever comes back to the EPL ever again. Sick and tired of his antics and i think almost everyone else is even from the top clubs. I dont think he will ever be offered a job from a top EPL club ever again.


The english media still like him though. That’s the problem.


Starting to turn on him now, even the DM are running articles like this when before they used to kiss his ass


Thanks god! Hope they have finally seen he is a fraud.


I feel sorry for José, he has it tough wherever he goes. He had to cope with Chelsea being the “little horse”, and now he’s only been able to spend £300m at Man United.

Someone should start a GoFundMe page for the poor guy.


All we need is Jose to dye his hair & cry about Plastic money priviledge.


The portuguese parrot has lost it.


One of Jose’s more valid points IMO

klopp litrelly said even if he had that kind of money he wouldn’t spend it a few years ago


Maybe Klopp just figured if he can’t beat them he should join them. I don’t see the issue.


Jose needs to learn to shut his trap since he’s latest moan is his Carnt rest Lukaku because he doesn’t have forward options :thinking::thinking: rashford, martial, Zlatan should be enough for rotation.


In relation to Mourinho, this is a pretty good article by Jamie Carragher


Have to agree Jose is being outcoached on a very level playing field with Pep. He’s bitter it’s obvious for all to see.


Mourinho might as well admit he was only successful with the teams he’s managed because he spent more more money than anyone else.
So for him to moan about other managers is hypocritical.

He is also responsible for the inflated prices because of him being the biggest spending manager, so he should keep his mouth shut when having a go at Klopp, who hasn’t spent a fraction of what he has.

Mourinho also spends hundreds of millions to park a bus.
Hardly anything to be proud of.


I think this is a bit of a disservice to him. His Porto CL win is an incredible achievement (regardless of how the CL panned out that year) and for two seasons his Chelsea team was utterly dominant in the PL. He won the PL title against the invincible arsenal team with a record points total and the best defensive team in PL history. His treble at Inter remains the only “big 3 treble” won by an Italian team (to the best of my recollection).

He’s on the slide but let’s not act like he wasn’t a great manager at his peak.