Manchester United thread


I am huge skeptic of football stats for individuals, but do see value when put in broader context. Having said that, I have read a lot about xpg (and the many variants) and I actually think it is a very good measure for a TEAM’s performance relative to their opponent… you have to still put it in context, like anything else. For example, does a team tend to underperform xpg (ie they are sh*t at finishing - I’m looking at you Danny boy)… there is also the potential to make the TEAM xpg for a game customized to the individual performers (depending on stat sample sizes this is more/less valid) - I don’t think they actually do that, but it would be a way to normalize for each individual’s xpg.

Anyway, long-story short, I think xpg and delta xpg (I just made that up, but I suspect exists) are very reasonable ways to assess a TEAM’s performance over a game or a series or a season. I bet it tends to correlate extremely well with league position.


Draw written all over it. No one wants to take risks.


If they’re as open as they were against us City will feast on their bones.

No Pogba spells trouble.


Think City will beat them comfortably to be honest. Going for a 3-1 City scoreline


I hope City beat them, and badly at that. I’m talking the 1-6 levels. Yes, with that goes our 13 game winning streak record from 2002 (city will make it 14 with a win on sunday) but I love to see Mourinho fail. C’nt



manu fans crying cheat…how ironic!


City did have a lot of antics throughout, but at least they tried to play football. It is so pathetic from Mou that in a home match where they pretty much needed 3 points to get back into things that they still sat deep and hoped for counters. Utd should not have scored at all frankly. That was diabolical defending from Kompany and Delph on Rashford’s goal. City did what we couldn’t manage though (and we were even more dominant) - they used their positional and possessional dominance to get the 3 points.



He’d fit in really well at us with that sort of record, maybe he chose the wrong club.


On trouble is our strikers score against the top 6


Twitter is gold this morning.



Mourinho handicap.


Wish we had beaten them, they would have had proper meltdown.
Losing to Chelsea, Arsenal & City would have proper showed them that they are not the title challenging team they thought they were.


80 mil for him? :wenger:


That is awesome


Well done Bristol City.

Seems that some fans are losing their patience with Mourihno park the bus and counter tactic.

All the goals, golazoos.


What comes around goes around. Our defeat against them has been avenged :kos2:


Mourinho as classless as ever.
He said they were lucky, then rambled on about them being a Championship club so they probably deserved it, so maybe it wasn’t so lucky.

He didn’t mention that Bristol City should have had a penalty and had a goal disallowed.
Maybe he just forgot.


Lukaku is getting criticized on redcafe.
Is he out of form lately?