Manchester United thread


Apparently he has had 12 saves so far lol. 12!


Nah he’s just the best keeper in the world by a considerable margin, interesting thought, switch the keepers today and what’s the final score ?


He isn’t this good in most games. He makes mistakes. He has made 13 saves so far in this game. At least 3 or 4 have been world class. This performance isn’t a regular occurrence.


Yeah not often do Man United concede 14 shots on target so yeah he isn’t this good most weeks, he is the best keeper in the world IMO though.


They are fucking shit. They won’t win the derby.


14 saves for de Gea today, no keeper has made more in a single Premier League match.


What a cunt. Hope Aguero puts 100 past him next sunday.


It will be interesting to see the expected goals stats from today’s game, I’d imagine United will still be around 3 but wonder what we’d be.


Shoulda been 5 - 2 us as far as xpg goes.


And that’s why that means absolutely nothing


United fans said Pogba wasn’t red card. Christ! I just hope someone smashed them 10-0.


He is very consistent these days and rarely makes mistakes. If there’s one keeper that you’d expect to have such a performance it’s easily him.


Watch him cocking up against Shitty next week.


It dosent mean absolutely nothing though does it?

It’s a good way of telling how well a team played without watching the the game or to confirm or disprove who you thought played better if you did watch the match


It’s one metric in that equation. People put way too much stock into it.


So you agree with me that it’s dosent mean absolutely nothing then don’t you


United fans are pathetic. Get fucked by Guardiola next week! Cunts!



I can see Man U beating Man City.
It might not be good to watch, especially for the Man U supporters, but if anyone can stop Man City then it’s Mourinho.
There won’t be many goals and it could be 0-0 or 1-0 to Man U.


ive got a feeling that mancity will destroy them, they are much more clinical than we are, and look at how many chances we created. They have pogba missing so their midfield is fucked and their defense has been dodgy for ages. If they get half as much chances that we got i can see them scoring a handful with their attack.