Manchester United thread


It’s unacceptable and you shouldn’t have to deal with it. Sorry it even became an issue, on behalf of men. Having said that, I cannot countenance mou… like at all… seriously… NO MOU


Why doesn’t anyone protect me from sexual harassment, I’d like to know? I get continually thrust into the fantasies of these strange fan fiction type scenarios of trouble minded Arsenal supporters here on this site and nobody has ever run to my aid before…smh.


Ummmm yeaaaahhhh. walks slowly away


Oh please do shut up.

If any member on here ever feels harassed all they have to do is report the posts and let us know, it will be taken seriously.

However you’re just talking shit. Troll is exactly the right word for you, and you’re not even a good one, just desperately dull.


You are a very angry man aren’t you.


What is angry with what Jake said lol.


Anything to get my attention lol

You’re right though. Not even close to anger, mild annoyance would be more accurate. Someone is upset/displeased with how they’ve been treated and all he can do is talk shit and make light of it.


Told someone to shut up and insulted them four times… Seems a bit overly emotional.


It’s not emotional. A female member of our forum was feeling harassed or insulted and made it clear that it puts her off posting here a bit, this is something we take seriously. It’s something any member of this forum should view as a serious matter, if you’re a decent and thoughtful person.

But he pops up repeatedly making some shit joke about perceived double standards, making light of what was a serious issue for Phoebica. Someone needed to tell him to shut up.

His general manner is often trollish, many other users have commented on it before. It isn’t amusing, it just gets up people’s noses, or bores them. So I have no problem pointing that out.

It’s got nothing to do with being overly emotional, my emotions are perfectly in balance thanks, I just saw someone making light of what was a serious issue for one of our other members and I’m not having it.

You’ve got your bite now, hope you’re happy. Your comments have been duly noted and filed in the folder name “zero fucks given”

Let’s just move on now anyway. The offending post has been deleted, hopefully Phoebica is happy with the response and doesn’t feel put off. Let’s get back to talking about how everyone associated with Manchester United is a shitcunt


Ah the zero fucks folder, I love that. :smile:

Usually I forward people to the ‘give a shit’ department, might try your one going forward. :smile:


Okay, back to ManUre. This shite now about Lukaku being the ‘protected one’ getting no respect and all that. Awww, just fucking AWWW. File it under Mou’s Weekly Whine, please.


Mourinho is the biggest hypocrite in football and yet no reporter pulls him up on it.
He is just like Ferguson, he says stuff that isn’t true, or that is hypocritical, and because no criticises him for it he keeps doing it.


Would never take Mourinho, I watch football for pleasure of good football and 10 men behind the ball is not for me, Pep on the otherhand would be amazing, if he doesn’t create some dynasty at City he could consider us


I tell you who i think is playing some really awesome one touch stuff is Villareal, they are playing some really nice slick stuff…not sure if their manager would be a fit for arsenal though.


I’d love Marcelino here. Fantastic manager! @will24


Superb manager, but I’d rather he work with Guedes and Soler :wink:


Of course, no one is so crazy to manage Walcott and Xhaka :hipster:


Man United fans :rofl:


Limited backing lmao


Are they serious…good god!