Manchester United thread


I can’t quite understand what kind of person can hold a thought process like this. And I don’t think it’s appropriate to address anyone in the way that you’ve chosen to do so. I’m going to delete this post, because it’s been rightly flagged by a member of the forum.

You’re a good poster - and I enjoy reading your stuff. So it’s surprising to see you come out with something like that.


I get told regularly to go suck Theo’s cock or Wengers cock, ironically even by @Maverick79 who seems to be defending your honor right now @Phoebica. Join the club of being called nasty names or being told to perform homoerotic acts for having an unpopular opinion.


Has it been suggested that you go and kill yourself though?


There’s a difference between having an unpopular opinion and talking unadulterated shit, though. :wink:


True, wanting Mourinho as our manager is a pretty sad attempt at trolling by Jade there. Have to agree with you Esteban, that def falls in the unadulterated shit category.


difference being is you are being a troll, which seriously has a love-in for a thorougly useless player and you should as it were ‘get off his dick’ but kill yourself because you think mourinho could help us is a bit far, so is calling a lady a cunt for thinking so. She wasnt saying it to be a troll or to get under someones skin its just an opnion. Difference being you are just a troll that likes attention seeking over walcott…completely different scenarios. There was a real sort of violent reaction to this, yours is more of a fed up with hearing your love for a shit player.


That’s a good question, tbf. Potential major oversight on behalf of the board’s members here.


I glad some of you find it funny. I certainly don’t. I thought this forum was a pleasant place. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be called a cunt and told to kill myself. Putting me off posting here to be honest.


It is a pleasant place broadly, and it’s just one person who has said those things, and his post has been deleted and condemned. It would genuinely be a shame if you let that put you off


I swear you fairly regularly go on about people sucking player’s cocks or riding their dicks?


@Phoebica try not to take that sort of thing to heart and put you off posting here, I was genuinely suprised when I read it though I must admit.


Tbf to Arsenescoatmaker, I’m sure he wouldn’t’ve called you a cunt if he knew you were a girl…it’s happened to all of us, think you’re talking to a harmless, hairless little asian and it turns out he’s a she.


Ohh mods he just told me to kill myself in a roundabout way. I expect condemnation and a deletion of this post.

Nah uhhhhh!


I hope it doesn’t. +What Jakey said.


To be fair he said potential so I think he’s covered himself…

No seriously though if anyone ever suggests that to anyone again they’re getting a ban.


Why so serious :slightly_frowning_face:


You are on the verge of getting banned…and have the nerve to call me a troll??HAH!


It’s not exactly going out on a limb. :kissing_heart:


Lmao, you’ll be banned a long loonnnnggg time before I ever am guero culero Estebancito.


Madre mía, lo que faltaba…por si no teníamos suficiente, ya tenemos el trumpista hablando mexicano…