Manchester United thread


It looks better than our set of results. And he still won the league.

But anyway, no one would be an upgrade on Wenger for you because you’re his love child :wenger:


Sad that as a fan base we have such low character. Willing to sell your soul for some Arsenal victories, and Mourinho of all people as our manager. Or some people hoping a russian billionaire will take over and turn us into a sugar daddy club smh sad the state of some of you. :neutral_face:


I didn’t say I wanted Mourinho as our manager. Of the list of ideal candidates he’d be near the bottom for sure. But at the same time I wouldn’t categorically say “no way José”. Like, right now if it was a choice between Mourinho and Wenger i’d pick the former.

THIS IS WHAT WENGER HAS DONE TO ME. I’d actually dance with the devil to get rid of him.


Tbf the 4-0 had more banter.

Itd be the same feeling of hating watching Arsenal at football as I have with Wenger now. Only Mourinho is an even bigger asshole.


Guys like Mourinho or Guardio£a wouldn’t come here anyways, check book merchants.


Wasn’t a cheque book merchant when he led Porto to the Champions League though was he. And his treble at Inter was mighty mighty impressive.


Yeah well Wenger “was” a bad ass when he went 49 matches unbeaten wasn’t he? “Was” the key term. That’s years ago now all Jo$e and Guardio£a can do nowadays is play FIFA irl, at least Pep gets the results after spending half a billion. Mourinho I guess is getting there after a spending spree but still boring af.

I honestly don’t know which is the worse of the two evils. Fuck United and Mourinho but at least they’ve built themselves into a juggernaut with no outside money. City winning anything is a farce, it’s just plain and simple buying silverware.


“Some victories”.

Yeah, Mourinho barely win trophies.


I would like to know what steps you would see us take if let’s say, Wenger decides it’s time for his pension in 2019, you clearly stated what you don’t want us to do. But in your opinion what direction should we go?


José never complains about injuries…


There’s a few rumours going round about Mourinho wanting to buy Cesc.
Surely Chelsea won’t sell him to one of their rivals.

It’s bad enough seeing him win trophies with Mourinho at Chelsea but doing the same at Man U is a bit much.
We should get him back here.


Yeah Chelsea would never sell a player to Mourinho’s United… Oh wait…


You’re a CUNNNNT that echoes


wow a bit harsh dontcha think, its an opinion that doesnt hurt anyone.




Bit weird tbh :confused:


I’m not a he, i’m a girl.

Your mum must be so proud of you, going round calling girls cunts and thinking about telling them to kill themselves. What an utterly charming person you are :slightly_smiling_face:


also have to be really careful with shit like that also. You do know if someone kept on posting shit like ‘kill yourself’ and that person did decide to do so you could very well be investigated and likely would be imprisoned for it. Sometimes even without them doing it, it can be serious enough to be looked into. I get that people hate mourinho i dislike the scumbag but that is waaaaaaaaaaaay over the top, the standard reaction would be ‘nooooo way do i want that prick at our club’.


Yep. It’s not like I even said I liked Mourinho. I hate him too. But regardless of what I said, I don’t deserve to be spoken to like that!


Uppity bitches, smh.