Manchester United thread


Yeah I guess we eventually got a point above them that year… I kind of forgot that b/c they were in the title hunt longer than us and when they failed, they collapsed spectacularly… last year they finished 11 points above us…


Why is the idea of Mourinho managing Arsenal such a bad one? It’ll never happen anyway, but hypothetically I can’t believe people would turn their nose up at him in favour of staying onboard a sinking ship. What is the worse he could do here? Take our identity away? Nope, that’s already gone. Make us more hated by the rest of the league? Good, better than being laughed at on TV by Troy fucking Deeney! You don’t have to like the man to appreciate that he’d do a better job than Wenger.


If anything he’s become a pantomime villain at the Emirates, it would be a rusty nail in our shit stained coffin if he became our savior.

Not convinced it would be worth sitting through endless post match interviews referencing Wenger at every possible turn.

But then he has a league title up his sleeve, so I guess it’s a matter of integrity vs accolade?


Because He is a dick.

Be a dick.

I can’t appreciate him being a dick regardless of him doing a good work.
It remains to be seen if he can actually do a good work anyway, when he is not outspending everyone.

PS - just realised you don’t like the word. Modified.


Man United’s display Vs Liverpool is exactly why I would hate Mourinho as our manager.


Because you’d rather lose 4-0 than get a draw?


Why would it have to be one or the other?


I used to think that as well.
But the attraction of watching us throw away each season after a few games, watching the same underwhelming transfer windows, repeating the same mistakes with the same poor performances with the same under performing players, starts to lose its appeal.

I don’t like Mourinho as a person and he does play safe against the bigger clubs but
if there was a choice of watching Mourinho win the PL title with us or Man U, I’d rather us.

Just something different, rather than the predictability of Wenger’s inevitable lacklustre transfers and performances.


It’s not. I’m just comparing our result against Liverpool to their result against Liverpool.

I get that some people don’t like his defensive style of football. But personally I think playing it safe in the big games is somewhat of a winning formula – don’t lose to the big teams, beat the lesser ones. You don’t always win the league by winning the “mini league” – Liverpool and Leicester are prime examples of that.


Mourinho would come here and most likely fail because our problems do not begin and end with Wenger, they run far deeper, and I see little evidence that Mourinho would be the man to remedy these issues. After Porto there seems little evidence for Mourinho being able to take the 4th, 5th or 6th best side in a country and turn that around, unless they have far greater resources than their competitors (we aren’t Man U).

He’d act like a cunt about not succeeding and then leave and slag off everyone from the board, to the players and down to the fans.

Plus I hate him more than anyone else in football, probably ever.

I don’t want this to happen and I’m fairly sure that it never will. Seems like a complete non starter. Mourinho is not what we need.


I thought football is about winning the game, especially when you have assembled teams by spending 90m on Pogba and Lukaku and your opponent have lesser bunch.

Mourinho is not a safe tactician, Mourinho is a coward.


Anyone that thinks José would be a success here doesn’t really know José well.

Apart from the fact he’s a monumental prick when he wins league titles he typically leads from the front, he doesn’t come from behind or go neck to neck with the competition all the way which is the only way we’d ever have a shot at the title and even then it’s just a pipe dream.

Then there’s the fact like he needs HUGE investment the likes of which would never be seen at Arsenal.


You mean apart from Ferguson :wink:


Why is he a coward exactly? He changes tactics based on the opposition (something Arsenal rarely do). Going to Anfield is not a given for any team, especially given their attacking prowess. Yes it’s disappointing that they didn’t come at them more but as we’ve seen this season already, United do have the attack to be a threat to most teams. This one performance doesn’t change that.

History shows if you consistently beat the smaller teams, which United have been doing – scoring 21 goals along the way – then you don’t need to win all your games against your top 6 rivals. Look at Chelsea last season, they lost to Arsenal, United, Spurs and Liverpool, but they got 77 out of 84 points from the teams outside the top 6.

This is what Mourinho does. Look back at Chelsea winning the league in 14/15. They drew quite a few games after a good start because there was no need to take risks. A team who don’t lose are a team to be feared.

I’m not saying he’d be a success here, nobody can say for sure either way, – plus our problems are deeper than a new manager anyway. I’m more against complete disregard of him based on the fact that he’s a dick. Hate the man all you want, but he’s a serial winner.


Biggest cunt ever was Don Revie.


Way more than fergie imho. At least SAF had balls and drove his team to attack. That had a ridiculous drive to win. Remember so many games when they were down or tied and they were coming in wave after wave of relentless attack. They never gave up until the whistle.

It almost felt inevitable they would win at times. Yes, they had major advantages, but when SAF took over, they were a bit in the wilderness.


Because the form of opposition should be irrelevant when you have players far superior than the players in opposition.
He has always been in Top 2 club before every season in terms of money spent & talents in disposal.

The responsibility of a manager is to get the best out of the players available. If I want a rigid football, I might as well give the chance to Sam Allardyce. Roberto Di Matteo won the CL using that approach. As you said Conte did so with that approach. Mancini won PL using that approach.
It is not a unique Mourinho thing to be a coward.

Having a cautious approach should be for the circumstances like that of Atletico Madrid when they are up against Barcelona & Real Madrid. Not for Chelsea/United versus Liverpool.

Great Teams & Great Managers are not known for what they do against lesser sides, but what they did to big clubs.
Mourinho on the other goes defensive by default even when the opponent is not particularly in form.

I am sure we can rationalize such cowardice but my gosh, I haven’t started watching football for the defensive side of the game.
If Mourinho ends up here, I will have a reason to afford more time for better things in my life.



Nope :slight_smile:


Here ya go @Phoebica yeah Mourinho would be a huge upgrade.


Yeah pretty much looks like our set of results since 2012.