Manchester United thread


Who said anything about his intelegence? You still seem to be struggling with why this is an issue

In the same way that it is bad to assume a slim blonde woman with big tits is only good for sex and looking at it is bad to perpetuate the black men have large Willy’s stereotype, for the exact same reasons


The issue is the festishisaton of a race,

seems to be a fettish your extremely excited about and that clouds your judgement over an issue that in another situation you would fully be on the side of the person being stereotyped


No. I just think you’re wrong. Nothing more to it than that.


I guess this is going to be my first act of moderation… but here goes…

I think it’s time we put this issue to bed now. There’s a very clear difference in opinion and it’s been dragging on for a little too long now. I know I was heavily involved in the initial discussion but I think it’s time we put it all to bed and take it to the PMs if anybody has any desire to continue it.

In other words - no more please guys.


We’re people up in arms about the songs about the Korean player at spurs eating dogs?

I don’t remember this many people defending the song that’s for sure


I thought it was an interesting discussion.

And I do like talking about cocks :stuck_out_tongue:


hehe, werent they sucking his dick a little while back even when the chavski scum turned their back on him saying even they were jealous


Anyone feeling low enough to consider Mourinho?


I’d take Mourinho even if I wasn’t feeling low!


Jose is one person I’d never want at this club no matter the circumstances.


This would be the job he would love.
Simply because if he was a success here, after all the seasons of failure with Wenger, it would give him more pleasure than probably anything else to prove he is better than him.

I can’t stand him, and would find it hard to accept him, but if it was a choice of him or Wenger then I might just be tempted.


What a surprise! It’s always 3 years for him at a club.


Mourinho at Arsenal?
I rather everyone of us suffer through last decade again.


Suffer? It’s been a fun ride. 3 FA Cups in 4 years!!! I’ve had fun.


Think people mean more in sense of the League and Europe in regards to what big clubs are judged on, haven’t made it past the rd of 16 in CL since 2010 & have been on average 15 or 16 points off the Champions for a decade.


Yeah well whats the point of that competition anyways only the teams who spend billions in the transfer market can really win it so who gives a fuck i don’t watch the CL anyways.


Although they haven’t won it, teams like Atletico x 2, Dortmund & Juve x 2 have made the last 5 finals & those 3 clubs have lesser resources than Arsenal.


But have they won it? We finished 2nd in the league pretty recently, must mean we are competitive by that logic.


Well Leicester City won the league and Spurs have come closer than us a few years on the trot… all you really want is hope in April… we have been out of it pretty darn early almost every year other than the crazy year all the big teams collapsed and even then we finished behind LC and Spurs.


Well… not to be pedantic but…