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She doesn’t have superior power though which you would know if you actually knew about Tennis.


Superior power to the majority of women lol, yes she does. Her average serve is better than a lot of men. Only like a handful of women can hit the ball as hard as she can, and what makes her even more dominant is her accuracy. Look it up and get back to me. For example Roger Federer doesn’t even hit the ball as hard as Serena Williams does. Like I said before you start talking maybe look something up, google is ur friend.


Many women hit their serve just as hard if not harder, Lisiki, Pliskova, Keys, Ostakpenko, Sharapova, Azarenka, Kvitova, Stosur, Muguruza there are plenty that serve big and have large forehands.

And the vast majority of men hit the ball harder than her it’s not even a contest, the few cases that stats show her serve as being faster can be distorted since men and women predominately use different balls. The balls in the women’s game sail through the air faster to speed up their game, in comparison the mens game is slowed down by the balls they use.

Like I said you know fuck all.


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I’m not condoning racism from anyone. But I’m not sure how this isolated incident has any baring on the topic at hand. Especially when white privilege exists in every imaginable way and I don’t think that’s something white guys can comprehend.

It’s quite easy to see that I’m quite literally dealing with a whole heap of white guys who have never experienced racial discrimination.

You’ve never been pulled over by police, thrown to the ground and had yourself searched because of the colour of your skin. You’ve never been at a work place dominated by white men and found how hard it truly is to progress at work. At my current workplace, I’m considered the absolute best in my department at my job. But some new white guy got a promotion to a managerial role ahead of me despite regular failings in his work. But he goes drinking with the big white bosses so it’s all fine for him.

You’ve never been pulled at an airport, taken to a room and subjected to intense interrogation and all other imaginable powers these people have. You’ve never had guns pointed at you by police in France when you’re leaving an airport just because you look North African. You’ve never been refused service in a shop just because the person serving doesn’t like where you’re from. All of this whilst you have a good degree, a good job and no criminal background.

But as per usual whenever people cry about the obvious issues of things like racism (which I’d be willing to bet is worse than it’s been in years) the mountains of white guys who’ve never experienced what it’s like to be on the other side are quick to run and make the issue all about themselves.

Nobody on this earth gave any of you the God given right to tell black and ethnic minority people that they can’t be offended by your shit jokes when you’ve spent hundreds of years subjecting us to racism, slavery, colonialism and all that shit. And the fact that racial tensions are still so prevalent today and you still feel like we shouldn’t be so mad about the issue?

Diane Abbot uttered the words nigger bitch on live television and was hounded with complaints from white people about her use of the word.

They were more offended that she used the word on TV than the fact that she was subjected to that type of abuse.

But as per usual the issue was suddenly turned into one where racism was less important than how the white audience felt.

I’m done on the topic. Because I respect most of the people on this forum and I don’t want that to change.


This silly argument is still going on? Christ on a stick!


All those things are horrible but no-one’s yet attempted to rationalise the positive/negative stereotype association connection for me and until I buy that idea I’m never going to support the idea of banning football songs such as this one. Good discussion tho :+1:


You’re one of my favourite posters on here, but I didn’t bring up my anecdote to quell or contradict anything you or any other posters in this thread have mentioned thus far.

Of course I can’t relate to that kind of racial discrimination or stereotyping, as I said in my original comment it was probably more xenophobia and in all fairness it was just a passing comment rather than trying to use it to counter the arguments/suggestions put forward by yourself and others.

I do however find it a bit odd that you’d bring into conversation the actions of people who have long since passed (even if they were utterly fucking atrocious) who I have no affiliation or connection to or influence on said actions of those people.

I’m actually quite surprised you reacted as you did because at the time of posting my intention was quite an innocent one with no agenda.


So many leaps to ‘it must be because I’m not white’ in all of these discussions, not surprising it never gets anywhere.

@SRCJJ what have your HR department said about the white man getting a job ahead of you because hes white?


The thing is when this discussions happen it seems it becomes trivialized like it canjust be ignored and swept under carpet and it will go away. Those are advocating for that have not been stop every other night going home with the police saying the looking for a “Blackman around 6ft with cornrows”. They have not just walked into they porch and been asked do you live there,had false police file against that could of ruined you life, been on holiday at a mostly white resort and been called nigger or ask to open a Jamaican food store (im not even Jamaican). I was 11 when experienced my first racial incident just 11 some old guy called me a nigger for no reason at all. Watched my friends chased a beaten up just for being black. Must of you guys did not have to put up with that and we still have even we get older in a different form.


@SRCJJ @ryaninho

I do realise I say stuff sometimes that would offend & hope you see where I am coming from but I sincerely feel bad that you guys have to tolerate all that shit.
There are some shitty people out there or people subconsciously unintentionally do racist stuff. Can’t deny that.


That’s because nobody is making that argument (unless I’m mistaken), aside from that Guardian journalist, so you’ll have a long wait on your hands


I’m not sure where I stand on this.

I understand and feel the prejudices many of the folks in this thread have had to face, hell i’ve faced some myself as a brown guy in the UK during this time (paki, n*gger, osama, worse stuff, the airport routine, whatever.)

I also have been noticing more and more opinions some white people have on these things that are blatantly coming from a place where they have never had to experience any of this kind of discrimination before.

That’s not really on them, it’s not their fault that they were never discriminated in this way, but right or wrong it means that their outlook on racism etc. will never really be the complete story, if what I’m trying to say makes sense. I’m not saying don’t have an opinion. But I AM saying is that maybe understand that your opinion is based on your experiences and that other people will not have the same easy ride, which is why they feel a different way.

However, on to this scenario. I actually think this was a relatively harmless joke from the United fans, and a funny chant for Lukaku. Lukaku himself doesn’t mind it, although of course this could be him being actually uncomfortable with it but just saying he is ok with it to not cause a fuss. However, the truth is, we all make inappropriate dumb jokes all the time with our close friends and whatever that are similar to this, if not worse> And this is a football chant. You have to guage your audience in this respect I guess.


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Would depend on whether you’re straight I suppose. :wink:

Risking opening a whole new can of worms here.


I think context has been completely lost in this discussion.

This conversation started as a result of Kick it Out asking for this chant to be curtailed and Robin’s criticism of that. What are Kick it Out to do other than condemn that chant and ask for it to stop?


I would have spoken to the player first.


True asked the player whether or not he finds it offensive.

Personally as a black person I don’t see what is so racial about it.


In fairness, while I see what you are saying, their remit isn’t whether or not an individual is offended or not.


@SRCJJ that sounds a lot more like nepotism than racism to me. Though the two can go hand in hand.

I think, to understand this argument, the best way I can understand it is to break it down into two levels.

On the micro level–say me, or a4tt, or Cristo with our friends, this kinda joke is fine. The stand-in for Lukaku isn’t offended in the least, he’s my friend and understands that we don’t hold these negative stereotypes of black people but just know that he’s got a big dick, bla bla bla.

On the macro level-- singing a chant at Old Trafford in front of 70,000 people that will later be spread about to hundreds of thousands maybe millions more…you have to control it. Whether it’s racist or not in itself is irrelevant, I think, the better question is if it’s good or bad for the fight against racism, and the answer to the question is bad. Better than the example that @Powderfinger gave about Serena I think is the one about an analysis of how black perpetrators of crimes were described in comparison to whites…you end up getting a bestial, over-physicalised (making this word up but whatever) idea of black people, and then you wonder why, when this collective, subconscious stereotype prevails, white cops are so quick to overreact with black suspects…So yeah, the 24 inch penis thing definitely goes toward this subconscious stereotype, and it’s definitely a dangerous one in the end even if in this particular case it’s funny and inoffensive.

This is neither here nor there, but I totally agree with the comments about how tiresome this PC/offended by everything society is. I was thinking that part of this could be down to how different our interactions are nowadays, and how much these two levels, the micro and macro, get mixed up because of twitter, facebook, etc.? I mean, it seems to me a great deal of these debates actually occur on twitter and facebook. But yeah, I was thinking, what 15-20 years ago, or for what people like me who refuse to be modernised lol, would necessarily be a micro level interaction, suddenly, a high percentage of the time, is now a macro level one by virtue of publishing it on the internet and making an interaction available to hoardes of people.